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The Rule of 3 says:

You can die in:

  1. 3 seconds without security;
  2. 3 minutes without air;
  3. 3 hours without shelter (in hostile weather);
  4. 3 days without water &
  5. 3 weeks without food.

So let's talk about shelter.  Shelter protects you from the weather, the sun, wind, rain, snow, heat, cold, and more.

Shelter might be something as simple as an emergency blanket, sleeping bag, bivy sack, a rain coat, a hat, or even sun tan lotion.  While these help keep you comfortable, they don't protect you from the kind of things that will kill you in 3 hours.... extreme weather... mainly extreme Temperature.  

Warm clothing, fire, a debris shelter, blanket, an Ice Igloo, or Snow Cave help protect you from the cold.  Shade, a hat, sun tan lotion, proper clothing, and water protect you from the heat.

 The key is to think about the risk you might face, and what provisions would be prudent, and be sure you have them available when needed.

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