Friday, January 12, 2018

Rechargable Batteries

NO more batteries!!! Imagine what it would be like if our supply suddenly stopped.  We use them in just about everything.  In the next few days, notice how often, then try to go 24 hours without them.
Americans are addicted to batteries.

Things like:
  1. Cell Phones,
  2. Flash lights
  3. Radio's
  4. Smoke Detectors
  5. Clocks 
  6. Thermometers (kids have a fever)
  7. Outdoor Lawn Lights
  8. Walkie Talkies for Communication
  9. Motion detecting driveway alarms (Intruder Detection)
  10. Motion detecting game cameras 
  11. Motion detecting lights (where electricity is not available but light is needed)
  12. Home Security Alarm (backup power)
  13. Emergency Weather Alarm (backup power)
  14. Remote controls for TV's DVR's, Fans and more
  15. Toys of all kinds and more

Panasonic K-KJ17MC124A Eneloop Power Pack
Rechargeable battery technology has made great progress. Having rechargeable batteries and Solar Power could be a huge benefit in a Power Outage, or even worse, a Nuke or EMP detonation.

Above is a great starter kit with AA, AAA, C & D capability, but you can start with as few as four AA Batteries (top right) and a $5.00 Solar Battery Charger and slowly change your home over to rechargeable batteries. I would store my chargers and batteries in a metal Ammo can. After years of testing and transitioning, my home is 90% Rechargeable with mostly odd sizes still using disposables. 

I would first buy a good "Smart" charger that can charge many different kinds of batteries like the MrBatt (below) or the Eneloop Power Pack (above center). The two above are great, but only charge AA and AAA batteries.  The PowerX 8 is similar, but can charge 8 AA or AAA batteries or a combination of the two sizes as shown below; I use this one the most.  The Solar 11-1 would be my second choice charger, followed by the PowerX 8 and then an extra Mr.Batt.

I would store my solar powered charger (11-1), My extra Mr Batt and a mix of batteries in a metal MIL STD Ammo Can for weather and EMP protection.

Using rechargeable batteries cost more up front, but less in the long run, and they last much longer. 
Solar 11 in 1
PowerX 8 (above)

Mr. Batt

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