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Homemade Baby Formula for Emergency use

Experts warn not to use homemade baby formula because the professional baby formulas are superior to most all home recipes. But...


You can't let your baby starve when there is a shortage and babies all over the world drink homemade baby formula. You or your parents may have done so too.  While I'm not an expert, nor a doctor, I've compiled some options here that you might want to consider testing carefully.  Many elderly parents suggest some variations of the Cow's Milk formula below, based on what they fed their kids.

Homemade Infant Formula with Cow’s Milk

Makes 1 quart

Combine the liquid ingredients in a quart-size container. Add the sugar or corn syrup and shake or stir until fully dissolved. Feed immediately. Refrigerate any leftovers and use them within three days.

Many people say they used evaporated milk, water and karo for their kids.

Homemade Formula for Babies with Goats Milk

Combine all ingredients in a quart-sized container and mix until fully dissolved and incorporated. Refrigerate any unused formula immediately. Discard any unfinished bottles.

Homemade Rice Milk Baby Formula

Add all ingredients to a blender. Blend until the mixture has completely liquefied. This will take at least five minutes, but may take longer depending on your blender. Refrigerate any leftovers and use within 48 hours.

Some suggest incorporating a little powdered soy milk, &/or baby cereal into your recipe. This could be rice, oat, wheat, or multi-grain cereal, and vitamin-enriched is even better.  A combination of these might provide a wider range of nutrition, which is good.

Several old timers also suggest avoiding the Karo and using sugar instead as it can cause constipation.  A number of them suggested straight goats milk was used a lot in the past.  One grandmother said she breast fed until age 1, then used regular cows milk along with feeding many solid foods, just like her mother said she did.

In all cases, you should consult your baby's doctor before using anything like this.

I hope this is helpful.  Please share any comments you have below to help others benefit from your experience.

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Sex Education - Role of Parents, not schools


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Monday, April 25, 2022

Ammo Prices - April 2022

IF you enjoy this information, please share it.  It takes a lot of time to compile and I need more people looking at it, to justify publishing it each month.

April prices are down on average by 14%, with a range of 36% higher for 45 Long Colt, to 48% lower on 30-30 Winchester, both of which have been in unusually short supply, along with .410 Shotgun which was down 44%.

 .22 Caliber ammo has seen three straight years of increasing as producers are less inclined to run "low margin ammo" and shooters favor the lower cost .22 even more.  April however saw a 7% drop from the 2021 average, but is still high as shown in our graph below.  Bulk 22 - 1000 rounds saw the biggest improvement in price at 27%.  I might buy at this quantity, but not stocking up at this price.  I'll wait until the looming recession and then buy (stock up) when price tank.


9mm saw decent improvement (12% lower) with the Texas Ammo Depot  offering a plastic box of 50 for $16.80 or $0.336 each which is a good price.  I've purchased a few hundred that I plan to test soon and will buy more if this performs well. Note, I get no compensation from anyone mentioned in my blog.

Apparently, Texans want to have their own Ammo Supply as well as their own Texas Precious Metals.  I suggest having some Silver as an investment.   Some will say Silver is NOT a good investment, but they are measuring Silver vs Paper Dollars, which is a far worse investment.


5.56 prices were down a slim 6% after increasing 62% in 2021.  While prices will never return to 2019 levels, this is still to high for me to buy any more.

Other ammo prices can be seen below, and there are some lower prices in many of them.



There are a wide range of prices in the market, so shop around before buying much ammo.

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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Sex Education

Here is a very wise approach to teaching sex education from Greg Koukl with Stand to  that every parent should read and share with others.

We are a diverse community, and the school board values diversity. That means there are diverse understandings about controversial issues like human sexuality.

Traditionally, parents have been the ones to carefully inform their children about these issues at a time and in a way appropriate for their age, and within the protected environment of the family. The government—represented here by the school board—has not traditionally been allowed to interfere with educating issues so critical to family and so appropriate to private parental nurturing of their children. To do so would be to have individual family beliefs and values overridden by whatever group happened to be in power at the time.

No one set of personal values should be allowed to dictate the beliefs of our children in a public education system that includes such diverse groups as Muslims, and Christians, and Orthodox Jews, and Buddhists, and humanists, and atheists, and so many others.

Public values shared by all, on the other hand—values like honesty, kindness, truth seeking, integrity, respect, etc.—should be encouraged by all, including the schools, since they are agreed upon by all and are not controversial.

However, contentious and divisive personal views should not be forced upon our children. This is indoctrination and replaces the parent’s rightful role.

When government takes over the responsibility of informing our children’s private and personal moral values instead of the parents and individual families doing so, it is a step towards oppression and a significant and serious violation of the diversity and multicultural respect the school board stands for.

If any group in power gets to force their personal values on our kids, then when a different group gets power, they will be able to force their personal values on that group’s kids. Neither is consistent with diversity, tolerance, or appropriate American liberty.

Please, I respectfully implore you: Leave that job to the parents of the children that belong to them…and not to the state.

Thank you.

 Greg Koukl

Visit their website at for more information.

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Monday, February 21, 2022

Ammo Prices - January 2022

Despite historic increases in the US Consumer Price index, from runaway inflation, January 2022 ammo prices trended down as shown below for 9mm and 5.56 calibers.  Low cost 9mm rounds could be found at:

In many cases we could see the same sellers from last month lowering on-line prices although retail supplies are still tight on supply, or have no inventory at all.

Other ammo prices decreased except for 12 gauge shotgun ammo as shown below.  Common Winchester 30-30 rounds were unavailable although a few less comman grades could be found at: 20 Rounds of Bulk 30-30 Win Ammo by Prvi Partizan - 170gr FSP (

 There has been a big drop in 20 guage ammo from :Rio Royal Buck 20 ga 2 3/4" 9 plts #1 1345 fps 25/box | Natchez (

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Sunday, January 2, 2022