Saturday, September 21, 2019

EDC - Men

Every Day Carry or EDC Survival, is the most common survival scenario, where a person must survive with only what they carry on a daily basis.  In this post, we are focused only on what Men could easily carry on them.

What a man should / could carry on his person every day
  1. Charged cell phone; don't let it get too low!
  2. Money - Cash, in small bills & a few coins
  3. * A multi-function knife &/or even better, a Leatherman Multi-Tool
  4. * A small key chain knife, and there are many options in this category.  A key shaped multi-function tool for example, or a key shaped knife, or even better, a discrete key shaped folding knife.  Pick one or more that suits your needs.  
  5. Key Chain Compass
  6. Key Chain Whistle. 
  7. A ferrous rod (wallet size) &/or bic lighter for starting fire
  8. Band aids (with antibiotic) in your wallet for first aid
  9. * Concealed Carry pistol with extra rounds of ammo 
  10. Comfortable shoes for walking great distances (NOT flip flops)
  11. Long sleeve pants/shirt &/or waterproof coat or wind breaker
  12. Condom (un-lubricated) for carrying water
  13. Para Cord Bracelet
  14. A Tactical Pen
  15. Know your edible wild plants; this is free and adds no weight 
* Cannot be carried in certain places such as when flying.

As you think about this to carry, remember the Rule of 3.
Know when it is time to get home with our Bug Out Red Flag Warning Signs.

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