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Alone Season 2 Pack List

Each Alone participant brings clothing, safety, and survival gear to Vancouver Island. Here’s a list of all of the standard items the participants are given, as well as the master list from which they are allowed to select ten special items. Finally, there is a list of prohibited items on their website.

Most all of these items are for substance, but it seems to me as time goes on, that it is loneliness that causes them to tap out.  With out a companion, even one like "Wilson" on Cast Away, they start to go crazy.  So what could we do or bring (besides a companion) that would help with this?


*These items do not count towards the 10 special items, but may not exceed the approved quota for each.

1. 1 pair high leg Hunting boots
2. 2 pairs of Outdoor Pants (can unzip into shorts)
3. 1 t-shirt
4. 2 fleece or wool shirts (hooded or unhooded)
5. 3 pairs wool socks
6. 1 hat (brimmed, wool or baseball)
7. 1 bandana 8. 1 pair gloves
9. 1 light outdoor jacket
10. 2 pairs underwear
11. 1 rain jacket and rain trousers
12. 1 thermal underwear (long)
13. 1 pair of gaiters
14. 1 pair of Crocs, Teva sandals or Keen sandals
15. 1 toothbrush
16. 1 pair of prescription eye glasses
17. 1 personal photograph



*These items were provided to each participant and did not count towards the 10 special items.

1. 1 wool sweater (heavy)
2. 1 pair of gloves (wool/Dachsteins)
3. 1 trapper’s hat with ear protection or toboggan



*We will provide the following items to each participant. These items do not count towards the 10 special items.

1. 2 safety tools (may consist of wild animal repellent, an air horn and/or 1 flare)
2. 1 rules and regulations guide
3. 1 backpack
4. 1 camera pack
5. Camera equipment
6. 1 emergency flare
7. 1 satellite phone
8. 1 emergency personal flotation device
9. 1 first aid kit (military type – tourniquet, wadding, ace bandage, alcohol, plastic bag, etc)
10. 1 small mirror
11. 1 20×20 canvas tarp
12. 1 10×10 tarp for protecting camera and equipment
13. 1 GPS tracking device
14. 1 head lamp
15. 1 emergency rations pack to include water and food



*Each participant must choose TEN total items from the following list. Selections are final. Once chosen, no items may be swapped out or replaced. These will be each participant’s unique tools used to survive in the wilderness on camera.

I've listed my recommended items below in BOLD

1. 12×12 ground cloth/tarp (grommets approved) You get 1 of these above
2. 8 mm climbing rope – 10M
3. 550 para chord – 20m 
4. 1 hatchet
5. 1 saw #2
6. 1 ax

1. 1 multi-seasonal sleeping bag that fits in provided backpack #3
2. 1 bivy bag (Gore-Tex sleeping bag cover) #4
3. 1 sleeping pad
4. 1 hammock - I might consider this (if mesh) as an alternative to a fish net to serve both needs)

1. 1 large (no more than 2 quart) pot, includes lid #5
2. 1 steel frying pan
3. 1 ferro rod set #6
4. 1 enamel bowl for eating
5. 1 spoon
6. 1 canteen or water bottle
7. 1 bear canister

1. 1 bar soap
2. 1 8 oz tube of toothpaste
3. 1 face flannel
4. 1 40 m roll of dental floss
5. 1 small bottle bio shower soap
6. 1 shaving razor (and 1 blade)
7. 1 towel (30” x 60”)
8. 1 comb

1. 1 300-yards of nylon filament fishing line & 25 assorted hooks (No lures) #7
2. 1 primitive bow with 6 Arrows (must be predominately made of wood)
3. 1 small gauge gill net (1.5 m deep x 3.6 m long, 2” [50 mm] mesh) #8
4. 1 slingshot/Catapult
5. 1 net foraging bag
6. 1 3.5 lb roll of trapping wire

1. 5 lbs of beef jerky (protein) #9
2. 5 lbs of dried pulses/legumes/lentils mix (starch and carbs)
3. 5 lbs of biltong (protein)
4. 5 lbs of hard tack military biscuits (carbs/sugars)
5. 5 lbs of chocolate (Simple/complex sugars)
6. 5 lbs of pemmican (traditional trail food made from fat and proteins)
7. 5 lbs of gorp (raisins, m&m’s and peanuts)
8. 5 lbs of flour (starch/carbs)
9. 2 lbs of rice or sugar and 1 lb of salt

1. 1 pocket knife
2. 1 hunting knife #10
3. 1 Leatherman multi-tool
4. 1 sharpening stone
5. 1 roll of duct tape or 1 roll of electrical tape
6. 1 small shovel
7. 1 small sewing kit
8. 1 carabineer
9. 1 LED flashlight
10. 1 pair of ice spikes

On Season 2 of Alone, the History Channel did not publish a pack list, so watching Season 2, here are the observations of what each person picked as their 10 items.  IF a person build a log structure with sawed ends, it was assumed a saw was taken, even if they did not show it.  In one case, Desmond, very little gear was shown, because he tapped out in a matter of hours, setting a record for the fastest quitter on the show.  Those that stayed longer, or filmed more, showed more gear than others.  So while the list is not complete, it is currently the best available to my knowledge.

IF you notice any items in the show that are NOT on this list, please Post a note about it, indicating which episode, and who has what, so that we can verify it and update this list.

Here WAS the link to the Alone website and list of supplies; but it is not working now.


  1. none of them have had a clue. You dont want the bow, and you dont need the axe, saw, belt knife, cookpot, ferrorod, sleeping bag, gillnet or the paracord.. YOu dont need the fire for warmth, just for boiling your drinking water and cooking. you dont need more than a double walled tarp shelter and debris-stuffing/insulation, down to 0F. Then all you need is 2 inches of snow to make an igloo, and then you dont need a fire or sleeping bag down to -40F. By not wasting a month of calories and time on the shelter and fire wood, you can easily make the 2000 sq ft of netting out of the 2 person rope hammock and the 300 sq ft of the 20x20 tarp that you dont need for other purposes, along with the pontoon outrigger raft and the baited vertical junglewhips and baited 10-strand cable snares, set to hook a big animal's foot to 200 lbs of drag-log(s). The fish feed you reliably until the dozen big-game traps score a big animal for you.

    1. I like your minimalist approach, so what 10 things would you carry from their approved list? I like the 10 strand cable snares, but I'm not sure they are allowed on the show.

  2. I think Desmond took food rations and maybe para cord because he was hanging food in the trees before he “got charged by a bear”

  3. 7 seasons and everyone has been clueless. You want a Cold steel shovel, modified to have 8" of REAL saw edge. You want a heavily-modified Crunch multitool, a slingbow, the cookpot, the 12x12 reflective tarp, with a 4x4ft triangle of double-layered clear PEVA shower curtain taped into it. You want a $70, 2 person cotton rope hammock from Amazon, so you can unravel it and make 1800 sq ft of 3" mesh netting out of it. You want the cookpot, the snare wire, the fishing kit (as one big bent sewing needles and 24 single hooks, the largest ones allowed. cut them in half, reforge the ends, and have 16 treblehooks. You want the big roll of duct tape. If you'll be on the sea, take a ration of pemmican If not, take the 3 lb block of sea salt. you'll need it badly.

    1. I really like your suggestions and logic and would like to encourage you to be a guest writer.

    2. Balisong, I got the Cold Steel shovel you recommended and look forward to testing it

    3. What did you think about the Cold Steel shovel?


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