Sunday, February 14, 2021

Winter Freeze Preparations

When snowed or iced in, your top two priorities, in order, are Warmth (shelter) and Water.

Warmth, our top priority, can be in many forms.

  1. Natural Gas or Propane stove, or heater that doesn't require electricity
  2. Butane heater / stove
  3. Fire Place (Wood)
  4. BBQ Grille (Propane)
  5. Battery Backup system


While electric heating can work, it may not be available in a power outage, without an electric generator

Water is your second priority and Ice or Snow can be a source of water if you have ample warmth to melt it.  But ideally you have water bottles of some sort that you use regularly and rotate to keep it fresh.  Below are some ideas to consider.

Great for heating AND cooking

Other things include wrapping your water pipes, leave cabinets under sinks open to stay warm, and faucets dripping. 

Collect Water now and store it in clean food safe containers for drinking and flushing toilets.

Charge your cell phone and any Rechargeable Batteries that you have.

Wash your clothes, dishes and shower.

Know where the household water shut off valve is and how to turn it off.

Have an alternate cooking method as well as ready made easy to prepare foods with paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery. 

Have a manual can opener.

Fill up your gas tanks on your cars and electric generators. You can stay warm in these and charge your phone and other devices.

 Have an alternate light source.

Dress warm and keep your winter clothes handy in the event of a urgent evacuation is needed.

Have extra blankets available.  

Check pet food / water levels & housing conditions.

Check on your neighbors.  You never know who may need help.



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