Friday, February 21, 2020

Solar Distillation

Most water treatment methods do NOT remove salt.  It requires either Distillation, or Reverse Osmosis (RO), the latter being quite expensive and wastes a lot of water.

There are actually two forms of Solar distillation.  One, True Distillation, evaporates the water in to steam and then condenses the water, while the other called SODIS, utilizes the suns UV rays to destroy the DNA of the germs, i.e. disinfects the water.  Simply expose water in a clear PET bottle to direct sunlight for 6 hours.

Solar water disinfection" - SODIS for short
Natural distillation (below) from plant contained moisture usually yields only pure water, but in rare cases boiling water to distill it can still contain chemicals that boil around the same temperature that water does.  Knowing and using the Universal Edibility Test can help insure you only ingest or drink safe food and water. Proper filtering can help remove many harmful things in water, including residual chemicals.  Read more about this in our extensive Emergency Water post.  Remember the Rule of 3, and that you can die in 3 days without safe water to drink, which means that having water is a high priority.

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