Sunday, June 14, 2020

Alone Season 7 Pack List

With a $1,000,000 prize, yes, ONE MILLION DOLLAR prize on the table, this is the hottest and most realistic survival scenario ever on TV.  The contestants have a 5 square mile area to reside in and get to take the following list of common items along with 10 custom items that follows.

Here is the common gear that each participant gets to bring.

  1. 1 pair of high-leg hunting boots
  2. 1 pair waterproof Arctic winter boots
  3. 1 T-shirt (short sleeved)
  4. 1 fleece/wool shirt
  5. 2 wool sweaters
  6. 6 pairs wool socks
  7. 2 hats (brimmed, wool, fur, Arctic or baseball)
  8. 2 buffs or neck gaiter (no balaclavas)
  9. 1 shemagh OR scarf
  10. 4 pairs of gloves (1 insulated, 1 leather work-style glove, 1 over mitt, 1 thin glove liner)
  11. 2 pairs of underwear/briefs
  12. 1 insulated parka-style jacket
  13. 2 pair of outdoor pants/bibs (can unzip into shorts)
  14. 1 pair of fully insulated or waterproof winter pants/bibs
  15. 1 waterproof un-insulated shell/Jacket
  16. 2 pairs of thermal underwear (long top and bottom)
  17. 1 pair of gaiters
  18. 1 leather belt (or synthetic equivalent)
  19. 1 toothbrush
  20. 1 pair of eyeglasses
  21. 1 personal photograph
  22. 10 Personal items (see below)

Here is what is known about what the contestants selected for their 10 items.  Callie & Amos did not initially disclose their list, likely for strategic purposes, but from watching the show, we can determined what they chose.  Later the information was found and updated as shown below.

Episode 1

Day 1
Shawn (wears glasses) finds his camera gear with deep bear claw marks and gets a porcupine with a bow for about 30 pounds of meat.

Joe sets up camp using his tarp & scouts around.  

Joe gets a 1 lb squirrel by throwing a rock.
Shawn is using a saw to make a smoker for his porcupine & enjoys it in his tent.  He also cooks some in his cast iron pot.

8PM 37 degrees
Shawn has his bow and is boldly going out in the dark to investigate what was messing with his cook pot.

Day 2
Kielyn is setting 7 wire snares and looks to have a decent tarp shelter, but open and cold.
Got a 6 pound rabbit in a snare trap and started crying.  She is obviously weak when it comes to harvesting your own wild food.

Day 3
Roland has an open tarp shelter and is eating some ants that were in his fire wood.  Scouting around, he found a lot of fishing line.   He missed an opportunity to harvest a badger because he was scouting without his bow (not smart).

Shawn is worried about bears coming back as he turns in for the night, so he is sleeping with his air horn.

Day 4  
38 degrees at 9 AM and Joe is bathing despite the freezing cold water before foraging for berries and coral fungus.  He sees a bear late in the evening, apparently heading to his camp and boldly moves toward the bear, running him off.

Day 5
Kielyn is waking up about 9:12 AM and starts working to finalize her seven pole pitch shelter

Day 6
9:42 AM Kielyn continues building a log wall for her shelter, finishing her first 6 lb rabbit for dinner.

Day 7
Kielyn continues working on her shelter and has another 6 lb rabbit hanging nearby apparently from her traps, making a lot of progress on a decent shelter.

Day 9
8:12 AM and Joe wakes up hungry and goes to check his snares, finding two rabbits of about 6 pounds each, 12 pounds total

Shawn is working on his shelter, a log cabin and doing well after getting off to a good start and bagging a porcupine on the first day.  He finds and old boat while hunting, which he uses as a hot tub with moss which has anti-microbial properties.  Shawn talks to himself a lot and sings which will help is attitude.
Back at camp, (2:04 PM) he can’t find his fire steel, beginning to worry as he can’t find it, since he last used it at the boat where he started a fire for his hot tub.  It will be a huge set back if he doesn’t find it, so he taps out after not finding it by 5:45 

At this point, we have about 30 pounds harvested with a bow, 24 pounds of rabbit with snare traps and 1 pound of squirrel with a rock.

9 People remain.

Episode 2

Day 5 We begin 5 days earlier, but watching different participants this time. 

Roland is gathering berries, carrying them in a boot to fill and dry them in a hollow long and head for the area he wants to have a Permanent shelter from rock.

Day 6
Mark, sees large tracks near his camp.  He spent 10 years in the marines, and teaches shooting and wilderness survival.  He goes out to check his gill net and has 4 fish which brings his total to, 7 fish to date at about 5 lbs each for 35 lbs of food.  His method of setting the net is unique, suspended out over the water on a long pole that can be pivoted in or out of the water.

Day 6
Callie, who didn’t disclose her pack list. Is over looking over the water, and excited to find a lucky rabbit foot.  She has a pot, a bow, a hip knife, an axe, snare wire. She lives outside and teaches wilderness skills like hide tanning. Hunting with her bow, she sees 5 wolves. She decides to follow them as they move away, as she likes to eat many of the same things that wolves eat.  They are also likely to deplete her area food supplyI’m certain she has a ferrous rod.

Correy is hunting with his bow and shoots a 1 pound squirrel with a good shot. He makes bows for a living, so that is not unexpected.  He has a multi-tool that he is using to clean the squirrel.

Amos who didn't disclose his pack list is checking his gill net, and carrying his bow. He also has his net suspended using a long pole over hanging the water.  He catches a Northern Pike that weighs about 7 pounds.  He has a good debris shelter built.  He is from El Salvador and learned survival there to feed his family.  When he came to the US, he began teaching survival.  He has a pot and uses a Leatherman Multi-tool to clean the fish.  He sees a wolverine nearby, likely attracted to the small of his fish.

Day 7
Roland is still working with his rock shelter, built against an existing rock wall.  He begins using his axe and saw to cut some large logs.  He has a hip knife on his side. He saws down several large logs, notches them and locks the logs in place.

Day 8
Correy, is boiling water in his pot for drinking.  He is building a log A Frame and believes his creativity will be his advantage.  Carrying a log back to camp, he steps in a hole and hurts his left knee which had surgery in the past. His shelter is starting to take shape.  He uses the tree tops to provide insulation.

Callie is laying in bed, wondering where to set up shelter, close to fire wood, water & food, but not coming up with any obvious choices.  Here A frame shelter quickly takes shape in a windy area.
Mark is cooking fish head soup which has lots of fat. His gill net is delivering lots of food as he works on his small log cabin. He has a nice flat rock fire place inside his shelter that he built and hears crows cawing. He steps out to investigate and sees a black bear.
He decides to try and “bump” the bear off, by going towards him.

Day 10
Correy is making a gill net from paracord inter filaments. He is notching up his belt a notch smaller.  He’s not seen a rabbit, or grouse and is having a problem with his injured knee.  He wakes up each day hungry, hoping his gill net delivers some food, and it does, catching a 5 lb lake trout which he cooks in his pot.  With the high productivity of the Gill net, not bringing one, is an obvious mistake.

Day 11
Callie is moving camp because it is so windy; this will require a lot of calories and could prove to be a serious mistake.  He goes out hunting with her bow and gets a porcupine which looks to be below average in size for an estimated 20 pounds, but still and excellent and significant harvest.  She demonstrates skill and experience in processing the animal with a small hunting knife.  She processes him into a Dutch oven.

Correy, continues to harvest berries, but is concerned about his knee when he finds a huge hard fluid sack behind his knee, and grows concerned about his ability to stay in the game.  He is unable to sleep tonight.

Day 12
Correy:  The pain in his knee has increased so he decides to tap out, despite having a good shelter and doing fairly well. 8 Remain.

At the end of Episode 2, – 8 People remain. and we have about 51 pounds harvested with a bow, 47 pounds with a gill net and 24 pounds of rabbit with snare traps and 1 pound of squirrel with a rock.

8 People Remain

Episode 3

Day 8
We start, 4 days earlier with a different group of people.
Joel from South Africa, runs his own survival school, is exploring his area and finds a musk ox skeleton.  It seems apparent that his beard seems to protect his skin from the buzzing bugs

Day 9
Kielyn, has her gill net out with zero success and is trying to fish with a hand line, without any success.  Her snare traps have been successful, but she needs fat from fish.  So she goes exploring for a better fishing site. She has a nice cabin built, but must start over now.

Keith is building his shelter and combing his long tangled hair, which is source of protection against bugs.   He has been hunting every day and has shot a 1 lb squirrel and a 7 lb grouse with his bow.  With feathers, he can make additional arrows. Hunting, he sees moose tracks and is counting on big game for his hundred day ticket.  He shoots another 1 lb squirrel for dinner, then uses the guts for fish bait. 

Kielyn finds a better looking fishing spot about 1 mile away and begins to fish with her hand line.  In hindsight, good fishing waters might have been considered in setting up her camp.  She catches a fish, but loses it before she can get it in.  Using barb-less hooks makes it really hard to catch fish especially if they don't swallow the hook and you don’t keep your line tight.

Day 10
Kielyn is back fishing, without any success.  Walking the shore, she sees a huge moose, 20 yards away, but doesn’t have her bow, which just proved to be a huge game changer mistake.  He sees her and begins swimming away.   She makes a moose call and he swims back to her briefly before swimming away.

Joel is salvaging the musk ox skull and horns as a camp decoration.  He has caught 5 fish in his gill net so far and goes to check it again.  Using a pole suspended over the water, he pulls in another fish, a white fish, which can reach 23 pounds, but this is a small one, at about 8 pounds. Along with his 5 other fish, likely of similar weight for 40 lbs of fish from his gill net.  This is an excellent catch, but could be exhausting the fish population in his area.

Day 11
Amos wakens and stretches and checks is productive gill net (caught Day 6, 8, 9 & 10 for 11 total fish reported), including one today, a pike about 7 pounds, with the others likely the same size, for about 77 lbs of fish from his gill net.  He has 10 pounds of smoked fish saved (probably 15lbs before smoking) and suspended in a tree.  This would suggest that he has consumed 62 lbs of fish in 11 days, or 5.6 lbs per day.  This is a bit hard to believe, but in this environment, it is possible.  IF true, Amos has a substantial food advantage over the other contestants, but may soon exhaust his area fish supply. Amos says that he is eating well and not hungry.   While eating dinner, he hears a wolverine outside his cabin.  Taking his bow, he goes out to look.

Day 12
Joe is picking and eating berries, before returning to his meager tarp shelter, he begins building a log A Frame Shelter.  He has focused on food so far and is staring his shelter now.  He uses notches and a dove tail interlock to build his A Frame, a solid construction method, and begins layering it with logs.

Day 13
Joel is talking to his musk ox skull, much like crazy Tom Hanks and Wilson on Cast Away, which may have kept him from going totally crazy.  Chopping logs, he begins building a ladder to get up to his food Cache platform (Labaz) like Jordan from Season 6. Standing on his ladder, he is unnecessarily topping the trees, adding risk and wasting calories, when one of the tree tops knocks him down, but he is uninjured.  Upon completion, he puts his food on it.

Day 14
Roland is setting and checking snare traps and catches a 1 lb squirrel in a snare trap on a pole, and eats the dripping blood which can carry disease.  Skinning the squirrel, he observes the inside of the hide is white, while the stomach is blue, suggesting winter is near.  His massive saw is used for cutting huge logs to build a very strong duty shelter; so strong that he can even walk on the roof. This appears to be the best shelter in the competition, that clearly has the potential to last 100 days.  But it has consumed a lot of time and calories, and limited his time harvesting food.  IF he can get past this, he has a good chance to win.

Keith is building bone ear rings and using a knife in a dangerous way that could cut his leg.  Checking his fishing lines, he has a fish on one and nearly lost a nice lake trout weighting about 15 pounds.

Day 15
Joe is stretches and warms up before heading out to check his snare traps he set the night before.  He is hungry and finds nothing in either snare.  He finds a squirrel hiding in a hole under a rock and tries to fish him out with a sharp stick, but he escaped when he left to get a bigger stick.  His winter shelter is progressing slowly

Day 16
Roland is eating fire weed root and working to build his food store by putting some in his rock shelter holes.  Limited success with his gill net, which he was depending heavily on, leads him to move it to another location.

Nobody tapped out during this episode, so 8 still remain.

At this point, we have about 60 pounds harvested with a bow, a remarkable 164 pounds with a gill net and 25 pounds of food (almost all rabbits) with snare traps, 15 pounds with a fishing line and 1 pound of squirrel with a rock.

With 265 pounds of meat harvested, this is over 29 pounds per contestant and about 1.8 lbs per day on average.  

At approximately 600 calories per pound of meat, this only 1,100 calories per day on average; i.e. not sustainable.  The top performer, Amos is reportedly harvesting about 2,800 calories per day.   While even this is a low calorie intake in such harsh conditions, it may be sustainable for 100 days, especially since he has a dried store saved for leaner times.

8 People Remain

Episode 4

Day 17
9:58 AM
Mark is checking his gill net and harvesting two large Lake Trout, likely weighing 10 pounds. The Show tells us Mark has caught 26 fish up to this point.  At an average of 7 lbs. each, this is 161 lbs. of fish he has caught in his gill net. (including previous 35 lbs.). He is cutting using his knife & combing his short hair with a rough wooden comb, as it is getting in his eyes. His shelter looks a bit rough but cozy with a solid fire place and drying rack with 18 fish dried. Food for Mark has been no problem.  He begins building an additional drying rack to keep up.  He is using his copper snare wire to build it.
Keith (2:16 PM) has a sign over his shelter, naming it “Ramshackle North” as begins grinding a caribou bone tattoo needle, and obvious waste of time, and if used, and unnecessary risk of infection.  He makes ink with crow berries and charcoal and begins to tattoo his leg with A 7 for Alone Season 7. He then begins to work on his gill net made from para cord.  At 17 days, he finishes & sets it.  He seems to be wasting a lot of time with signs, tattoos and totally unnecessary things.  I would say his odds are more than 1,000 to 1 to win this competition.  He says that he has caught only 1 fish so far with his hand line (not this episode).

Day 18
10:07 Callie works on building another shelter.  It is very basic at this point and behind all the other contestants.  Her chances seem very slim at this point, as she is hungry and way behind other contestants on shelter. Checking her snare traps, she is excited at 11:31 to find that she has caught a rabbit (est 6 lbs.) in one of her snare traps. Watching her skin & gut her rabbit, it probably only dresses out at 4 pounds, but I’ll stick with the 6 lbs. estimate for consistency.

3:22 PM, Joel got 2 rabbits (12 lbs.) with his Bow.  He gives lessons on hunting, advising not to “stalk” rabbits.  Instead, walk round like a grass eater and do not make eye contact.  Pattern the movements of animals he suggests.  Cooking his rabbits in a pot, he indicates he is eating like a King.

10:23 AM
Mark is gathering tasteless reindeer moss (1% fat) and eating it from a pot.  Eating so much fish is disrupting his bowl movements, demonstrating the importance of diet diversity.  He has about “80 pounds” of dried fat rich fish stored at this point. He is focusing on finding plants to add diversity to his diet.  He is foraging for plant foods, especially blueberries and their roots because they can help regulate the digestive track with their high fiber content.  He finds multiple piles of bear scat and sees a bear in the distance (at 11:46), running away.  Every time he leaves, the bear comes to his berry patch.  He plans to hunt the bear with his bow for food.  He hides on the ground and waits.  I would think a tree would provide better visibility and add an element of safety, but also discomfort.   

2:13 PM
We find Keith on his peninsula checking his recently made gill net, which is empty.  Food is a problem, and he is feeling light headed as he eats Rock tripe, an edible lichen, traditionally only used in survival situations.  There are reports of George Washington’s troops eating this to survive the winter at Valley Forge.  He cooks it in a rusty can before eating it and encourages viewers to try a bite.

Day 20
7:47 AM and Joel is waking up after dreaming about social events, a variety of foods & his son. He begins to work on his A Frame Log Shelter when a fly gets stuck in his ear.  Using his multi-tool, he tries to remove it at 10:47 AM.  From the aerial view, we can see his camp is on a bay, with a creek in the distance behind him, that would likely make a good place for a gill net, but recognizing this from the ground would require a lot of time and calories to explore.  He whips his head to try and get it out with centrifugal force, and uses his light to draw it out.  Using a syringe from his provided first aid kit, he fills his ear with warm water to successfully wash the fly out. 
Callie is having a staring contest with her camera. Being alone drives people to do silly things.  She begins to make some clay pots.  This is a very useful skill, but it is questionable as to whether it is a good use of her time and calories.  Not doubt it helps occupy her mind under the circumstances, and the 2-quart capacity of the allowed pot is limited.

Day 21
Keith is discussing tapping out and trying to rationalize it. He pretends to call as if to tap out & orders a pizza with double cheese before going to check his snare traps.  He is obviously struggling, but his determination and character come through this time, but can only carry him so long.  He finds a 1 lb. squirrel in one of his snare traps.

Day 22
8:05 AM Roland is noticing the sound of total silence, as he goes to check his gill net to find two fish, a lake trout and a white fish for about 12 pounds.

9:12 AM Keith is having stomach cramps as he tries to finish his squirrel soup and sits on a camp chair that he obviously constructed.  He throws up what he just consumed.

10:27 AM and Keith is ill, possibly did not cook his squirrel well enough.  An hour later, he is tapping out, which is not unexpected.

Recap: During this episode we see Mark cutting his own hair.  Callie is behind from changing her shelter location, but her snare traps have been more successful than most.  Roland finally gets some fish, while Mark is eating too much fish, and not enough fiber. Joel struggled with a fly going in to and flying around in his inner ear.   Callie is making clay pots to supplement her one 2-quart pot.  Keith shows us the safety gear that must be carried everywhere you go, including multiple cameras, a tripod, tracking devices and a large first aid back pack.  Each contestant agrees is it a lot to carry and a burden.  Keith tells about what happens after you tap out & the medical attention you receive. 

At this point, we have about 72 pounds of meat harvested with a bow, a remarkable 302 pounds with a gill net after we learn that Mark has caught 26 fish and has 80 pounds smoked, and 32 pounds of meat with snare traps, 15 pounds with a fishing line and 1 pound of squirrel with a rock.

7 People Remain

Episode 5

Day 23
Roland apparently has some water leaks in his shelter due to a very hard rain, and he pulled his net to prevent losing it.  Now he debates putting his net back out.

Joe is shaving his whiskers and working on his shelter, which is still way behind the others, before going off to check his snares.  He finds that he caught a 6 lb. rabbit, but something has chewed his head off.  He finds another 4 lb rabbit in a trap also partially eaten up, possibly by a fox.  He is late checking his traps and should probably have been doing it a daylight, but getting enough sleep is also an important consideration.   

Day 24
8:32 AM
Joel is carving his story on a stick.  Perhaps this is something that helps his sanity, but is otherwise a waste of time.  He begins making a chair with a head rest adding comfort

Roland is eating something from his pot before going to set his gill net again, which is a difficult task.  He doesn’t have a very good fishing spot.

2:09 PM
Roland sees a bear in the distance looking straight toward him, and begins to stalk him, trying to get up wind, in hopes of getting a shot at him with his bow.  4:15 Roland is still hunting bear.

Kielyn is working on personal hygiene, including cutting her hair for some reason. She checks her snares, carrying her bow with her to hunt along the way… a good practice.  5:43, she sees and shoots a 6 lb rabbit with her bow.  Cooking it, she struggles with smoke in her cabin; perhaps she needed a fire place with a chimney.

Day 25
9:12 AM
Callie is sitting on a stump on the ridge, overlooking the water before digging up rocks to make a fire place.  She stacks a lot of large rocks to make nice fire place, sealing the cracks with clay.
At this point, we are ¼ of the way to the 100 day challenge and all the contestants are struggling in one way or another.

Day 26
Joe is laying in his minimalist a frame tarp shelter which is noisy in the wind.  He heads to the water to try and catch some fish using a hand line.  He catches a fish about 11:00 AM that comes off the hook, but he jumps down and pulls in a huge lake trout with his hands that is as long as his leg and probably weighing probably 30 lbs. 
Kielyn is building a chimney to help draw the smoke out.  Her fire place is high risk of catching her shelter on fire, with sparks going up to her plastic tarp roof.
Joel is crafting some dice and playing with them, which is a waste of time at this point.  Later, when they are snowed in, these would be good projects.  He begins to make house shoes or slippers to wear in his cabin, using bark and rabbit hide.  He begins to chop wood to make a mandolin and demonstrates good skill in doing so but I would say at this point, his chances of winning are decreasing with every project like these, although his spirits are good and he is unlikely to tap out from loneliness, but rather from limited food.

Day 27
9:23 AM
Callie is talking and you can see the frost as she speaks.  She continues to work on her nice fire place. 

3:21 PM
We see Amos, which is rare.  He found an old can of fish, but it is rotten.  He is catching fish every day in his net and has enough to last for a month. His gill net has washed away from the shore, but he is able to hook it with a stick and pull it in.  He has a good flat place to fish from, but has no fish in his net today.
We see ice in some small pools of water, as the temperature is 33 degrees during the day.

8:37 shows snow falling as Amos is in his shelter looking for his Axe after being out trimming some branches off of some poles he was cutting.   He goes out in the dark to look for it.

At 8:53, Amos continues looking for his Axe but gets too cold as dark sets in and returns to his cabin.

Day 28
9:42 and the wind is blowing hard as Amos wakes up to look for his Axe.  The ground is partially covered with snow and will soon be fully covered, so he must find his axe today.  He finds in laying on the ground.  His lesson here is to keep up with your important tools.

Day 29
Roland finds nothing in his gill net so he hunts and picks some cranberries as he returns to camp, he sees a Musk Ox and takes a shot at it with his Bow from a long way off, but the episode ends before we see if he hit or missed it.

In this episode, we see the wind picking up as winter blows in and becoming a nuisance and it is getting colder.  We did not see the Gill nets catch anything. Several are starting to hunt for larger game.  Surviving 100 days will surely require a large kill like a bear, a moose, or a musk ox, and much more.

At this point, we have about 78  pounds harvested with a bow, a remarkable 302 pounds with a gill net and 34 pounds of meat with snare traps, 45 pounds with a fishing line and 1 pound of squirrel with a rock.

Episode 6

7 Remain

Day 29 
11:48 AM
Roland hits an 800 lb musk ox at about 35 yards with his bow and last arrow.  Watching the musk ox for 3 hours, sees him get up after laying down from his injury.  Roland approaches the musk ox and stabs it with his knife several times before killing it.  But he only has a few hours before dark to process it, so he guts it and takes the fatty organs back to his camp, after covering it with evergreen trees which will help cover the smell.

Day 30
3:05 AM
Amos has a bear visit at night.

9:03 AM
Amos builds a better door to his shelter to protect his food supply, but the door he builds will not come close to keeping a bear out. He has been catching fish most every day in his gill net.  Going to check his gill net, it is gone; washed away.

11:15 AM
Roland is heading back to his musk ox kill.  He works all day and gets it cut up and carries each part away from the kill site to cache it for the night.

Day 31

Mark is storing some fish up in the air to protect it from predators and then sings around his fire.  The temperature is 31 (F) degrees Fahrenheit as he goes to check his gill net and finds it empty.  He went from 3-4 fish per day to none suddenly.  Realizing the fish move deeper as it gets colder, he sets his net deeper…. Clever.

Day 31

Kielyn begins working on a raft using a barrel she found, to go fishing in deeper water.  A risky decision that could result in tapping out, if she falls in the water

Day 32

Mark is taking a bath by soaking a sock in warm water before going out to check his gill net.  Seeing bear scat, he hopes to hunt one for food. No fish today in his net. Returning to his food cache, all his fish are gone.  Mark quickly goes from a solid position as a potential winner, to below average.  He builds a stand to hunt bear from.

Joe is letting the noise from the wind get under his skin as he starts on his log cabin shelter, which is way behind the other contestants as his focus has been on food. As the rain starts, he retreats to his temporary tarp shelter which is leaking now, and blows in the wind and makes a lot of noise.

Day 33

9:02 AM
Joe continues working on his shelter moving his tarp over the log cabin wood A frame.  It will be a solid shelter IF he lasts long enough to get it done.

Day 34

9:02 AM
Callie wakes up to a coat of snow on the ground, and looks forward to tracking the animals to snare trap them.  Trapping has been her primary source of food.

9:54 AM Temperature: 30F
Roland is eating boiled musk ox heart.  He heads off in the snow to his cache and sees bear tracks everywhere, only to find his kill remains have been raided, but his hidden cache is safe.  He gets a couple of large quarters carried back to his shelter.   He has a solid shelter and more food than all others, putting him in the top position for leading this even if he can secure his musk ox meat.

Amos is going to make another gill net after loosing his first one in choppy water.  He quickly finishes it from paracord strands and sets it out.

Day 35

9:17 AM  Temperature: 28 F
Kielyn is going fishing in her new raft, using rabbit guts for bait. The raft is shaky, but floats.

The raft is dangerous and not working out; it would need outriggers and a lot of additional work to make it usable.  Past contestants that built boats did not realize any benefit what so ever from them, and one even fell in the freezing cold water and had to tap out, making boat building a bad idea (so far)… another Lesson Learned.

Amos is remembering his daughters second birthday today.  Checking his newly made gill net, he has an 8 lb pike.  Amos doesn’t spend much time videoing, which allows him to spend less calories lugging camera’s around and more time focusing on finding food. … another Lesson Learned.

2:56 PM
Roland is going to his musk ox cache to get the last two (of 5) loads he estimates as 120lbs each.  As he gets near, he sees bear tracks, and then a bear.  Bears not in hibernation are prone to be hungry and more dangerous.

At this point, we have about 678 pounds harvested with a bow, a remarkable 310 pounds with a gill net and 34 pounds of meat with snare traps, 45 pounds with a fishing line and 1 pound of squirrel with a rock.  The bow skills demonstrated have been very good, hitting small game with remarkable accuracy.  

Episode 7 

Day 35

Mark is setting snare traps and showing us how well his shelter and supplies are set up, with fire wood, dried fish and more.  He has a good set up and is in a strong position.  Fresh snow helps with tracking, hunting and trapping.  The last 5 days had been a challenge finding food.  He is setting more snares, before checking his others and finding a rabbit has been stolen from his trap by a fox.

Day 36

Roland is in his dark rock house, after butchering his musk ox, and is processing the fatty testicles for food and the sack hide and he plans to eat from the horns to the hoofs. He eats the back strap.

Joel is clowning a bit near his gill net.  He wants to make an eating bowl to use his pot more for boiling water, and begins to cut a tree for the wood.  He has two weeks of fish fillets in his food cache.  His legs are hurting as he carries his cut tree back to camp.  He begins working to make his rectangular shape wood bowl, using his axe. 

5:51, he begins burning his bowl out with hot coals.

10:31, he hears something and fears it is something after his food, so he goes out and finds a badger.

10:34,  Joel is sees a wolverine after his food, so he find some of his food is missing about 10 pieces of fish, leaving him with very little (4 days worth), which he takes in his cabin.

Day 37

Roland puts some brain in his testicle pouch, and uses it on his gloves and hands and face like hand lotion.   He heads off to build a meat crib, like a log cabin to protect his musk ox kill.  I think they all underestimating the ability of wild animals to get in, especially bears.  I would use my cache as bait near my cabin to kill a bear for food. 

12:46 he is sawing trees and continues to build his crib.  His structure is impressive, but I don’t believe it will stop a bear, wolverine or badger.  His construction is interesting…

Day 38

Mark is combing his hair and is not recommending his diet except for fast results.  Having lost a lot of food to a bear, he is struggling, and gathering reindeer moss to eat as he checks his trap lines and finds a fox caught.

Mark sees a fox in his snare trap, but he is not allowed to kill them due to local regulations. So he releases him to steal food from his traps..  But he finds a large 6 lb rabbit in his next trap, an later a 5 lb white fish in his gill net.

Joel is looking to build an underground box in his shelter to store his fish. He feels that he is lacking electrolytes as he lines his box with ever green limbs and snow.  He layers his fish and covers it with a metal plate he found and a rock.  He begins to saw wood for his fire as the day wears on and we see him collapse and fall over with exhaustion. He has lost 22 lbs since day 1, has a good shelter an food stored.  He needs to eat more food and store less.  Store it as fat on his body instead.

Day 39

Kielyn is craving coffee and a croissant.  Bow in hand she is hoping to find food and she hikes to check her snares.    Lots of empty traps, but she sees a cow moose along the shore line and heads that way an looses site of it.  She returns to her shelter and begins to cry.

Callie has a weasel raiding her shelter.  She lets several ounces of meat get away.  She won’t make it like that.  She goes to check her traps at 17F degrees, and finds a 6 lb rabbit in a snare trap, an then a second 6 lb rabbit.  Continuing, she finds a third, and a fourth for a total of 24lbs of rabbit from her snares on this one day. 

Day 40

Joel is giving thanks for everything in some foreign language before returning to his shelter with a nice fire going. He had trouble sleeping last night as his legs are getting weaker.  Even in his shelter, his breath is frosty.  His energy is low and he talks about he is risking his safety, as he begins to rationalize tapping out.  He makes the call and officially taps out, on Day 40, with dried fish in his storage box.

6 people remain

Mark is seeing snow driven wins as he looks as his family pictures.  This likely makes him home sick and more inclined to tap out.  He begins to carve a wooden toy horse for his son.  This keeps his mind active as he sits in his shelter, but it also burns calories unnecessarily and risks cutting himself.  Suddenly he notices his shelter is on fire.  He is fighting it as the episode ends.

During this episode, the food supply begins to dry up as the wolverines begin to try and steal food more, despite using elevated structures, which do not seem to work in protecting their food.
The longer they are out there, the drier their shelter becomes, increasing the risk of fire.
Joel set up cans with rocks inside them as alarms to alert him to animals being present.

So far we have about 678 pounds harvested with a bow, a remarkable 315 pounds with a gill net and 64 pounds of meat with snare traps, 45 pounds with a fishing line and 1 pound of squirrel with a rock.

Episode 8

Day 40

6 Remain

7:48 PM

Mark’s shelter is on fire.  He is battling it, but we can’t see much.  Apparently soot built up and caught fire.  Its 14 degrees F as we see Mark in his shelter, after saving it, but with no far Tomorrow he plans to fix his fire place with different materials this time.

 Day 41

8:12 AM

We open with Mark by his rock fire place, talking about his son Matt.  Half of his insulation is off from having caught fire.  He is exhausted and uses his tarp to funnel his smoke out of his shelter.


12:07 PM

Joe seems lethargic before working to finish his shelter.  It’s way behind, but very well built, at least the 20% of it that is complete.  He has lost 15% of his body weight.

  2:52 PM

Amos has made a walking stick for his baby and talking about her.  Missing his family seems to be wearing on him.  The ground is about 85% covered with snow.  He has lost 30 pounds, which is surprising since he is supposed to have a good food supply.  He is setting more snare, using a reverse warp and a knot that will close in.  He sees fox tracks near his shelter and is concerned about his food supply.


Amos is working on a multi-point fishing type spear.  We see the fox outside his shelter and he hears a (6 lb) rabbit in his snare, and goes out to check it.

8:03 PM

Amos scrambles to recover his rabbit before the fox gets it, and is successful, catching the rabbit about 5 hours after setting his first snare trap. 

Day 42

9:24 AM

Callie greets us and then drools green spruce tree juice that she is using to clean her teeth.  She has lost 20% of her weight.  Off she goes to look for tracks, carrying her bow primitive wood with her.  She sees porcupine tracks and wolf tracks along with it.   The light even snow makes tracking easy, but she loses the tracks in a place with lots of rabbit tracks.  She should have circled around where she saw the last tracks, in larger and larger circles trying to pick up the tracks again.  Seeing all the tracks in this area, she plans to set more snares

12:13 PM

Amos begins to skin his rabbit and feels he has a good chance to win.  Not gutting it, he took a health risk.  Returning to his shelter, he sees a fox coming right toward him until it is only 10 yards away.  The fox has no fear of him. Local laws prohibit killing the fox.  I would have charged the fox growling loudly.

12:59 PM

After the fox lingers around him, Amos shoots him with a blunt arrow, and scares him away.

1:44 PM

Kielyn says 40 days is the longest she has been in the wilderness, but this time, she is alone.  She heads of to check her traps (late in the day) as she is down to her last rabbit.  She sees lynx tracks and finds a trapped rabbit eaten up.  Waiting this late in the day to check her traps increases the risk of loosing her food to predators.  She finds another trapped rabbit eaten up.   She should have been up at the crack of dawn checking them.  She is lonely and crying. Loosing her freshly trapped rabbits is demoralizing.

4:01 PM

Joe is having his sleeping bag zipper snagging… if he were using a military bag, he would not be having this problem.  He checks his snares again and finds four (6 lb) Rabbits (24 lbs), two were still alive.  He whacks them behind the head with a stick to kill them.  He skins one and eats it about dark, when he hears a wolf and expresses concern about his safety.  He is the only contestant who did NOT bring a bow and arrows, as he is not proficient with them.

Day 43


Joe is telling about his dream last night as we see he has two skinned rabbits and several un-skinned his rabbits.  He is working on his shelter and his legs are becoming wobbly. 

4:13 PM -  21F

Mark is sawing logs for fire wood, but questioning why he is doing this.  He is hungry but he has food.  He had a large fish fillet for breakfast and keeps eating.  He is considering quitting, even with food stored up. 

Day 44

10:21 AM

We see the boat coming to pick up someone who has tapped out.  We see a hungry Callie looking broken, then Joe talking about quitting, despite having food, as the show breaks for commercials. 


The boat is landing and Joe Taps Out on Day 44.


5 People Remain

Kielyn is in her shelter warming her hands and talking about the book The Lure of the Labrador Wild. She is low on energy but getting dressed and pushing on to check her traps.  She finds three 6 lb rabbits (18 lbs) in her snares.  With the snow showing where they travel, snares are delivering a lot of food where as we see nothing from the gill nets.  Skinning the first rabbit she finds some fat on it.


Mark is talking about talking to himself, but yesterday was arguing with himself.  He is doing this for Max, but the loneliness is wearing on him, so Mark also taps out on Day 44.

Day 44

4 Remain

4:48 PM

Callie is out checking snare traps, harvesting a 6 lb rabbit; a good idea right before dark.  Wearing a porcupine skin, she says trick or treat… happy Halloween.  Being alone is beginning to wear on her. She skins her rabbit and cooks the whole thing in a pot for dinner, talking about her family and ancestors as she warms her hands over an outside camp fire.  This could prove to be a waste of fire wood, instead of using it to heat her shelter.

This episode we see more predators and although unlikely to pose any risk to the safety of the contestants, surely, they are a risk to their food supply.

Joe should have got a gill net in the water sooner, and built his shelter earlier while he still had the strength to do so, or built a lighter, easier shelter.  We later find out that he had trichinosis, a serious medical infection usually from eating meat that is not cooked well, but could also be from eating moist uncooked plants, usually near the waters edge. 

In Episode 8, a blanket of snow makes it much easier to see animal tracks and good places to set your snare traps and proves to be the only source of food this week. So now we still have 678 pounds of meat harvested with a bow, 315 pounds with a gill net, 45 pounds with a fishing line, 1 pound of squirrel with a rock, but we go from 64 to 112 pounds of food captured in a snare trap.

Perhaps a lesson is to focus on fishing before the snow falls, and then focus on snare traps afterward.  That said, I would be looking for food or resources any time I travel and would still be snare trapping even some before the snow as it had delivered 64 pounds during the first 39 days, but 48 in the last 4 days after the snow.  Diversity of diet is another reason to be pursuing more than one food source.

4 Remain after 44 days, so surviving for 100 days is looking like a long shot for anyone, except perhaps Roland, who has a solid shelter and 500 lbs of musk ox meat.  At this point, he is clearly the odds on favorite to last the longest, although we did not see him during this episode.

Episode 9

Day 45 – 4 Remain in pursuit of the Million Dollar Prize money.


Roland is inside his shelter using a can lid for a spoon to eat soup.  He is processing the musk ox head to get some fat.  He is knee fleshing, to get the layer of tallow fat off the skin.  He set his first trap at age 8 and read many mountain man books growing up.


Amos is blowing his nose before going to check his gill net.  There was nothing yesterday and today, ice had locked his net pole to the ground, so he must chop the ice to pull his net out and check it.  No fish, but he finds several large holes in his net which he fixed.  Being form El Salvador, he has never experienced this cold before.  He removes his net & sees wolf tracks as he returns to camp. He only has 3 big fish left and is considering rationing.


Callie is weaving a gill net, the first she has ever made, but she is likely too late for it to be effective.   She needs fat, because rabbits have very little.  Trying to set her net, she slips and falls and gets up with her face bloody.


Callie is examining her injuries, which appear to be minor cuts.  She uses her emergency kit mirror to clean up the wounds.  She cleans up so the injuries barely show up.  She is debating putting the gill net in the water as the edge is icy.  Had she fallen in the water, it would have been game over.

Day 46


Amos is eating his fish and noting that every day is getting colder.  He is glad he brought his mittens. With the gill net not delivering, he plans to ration his remaining fish.  We see on of the dried fish he has is quite large.  He hears a wolf and goes outside to investigate, but he is not carrying his bow, which could prove to be a serious mistake.  He gets some bark from a tree to use for tinder and returns to his shelter.  He is concerned about the wolves attacking him.


Roland is watching a crow fly around him, and begins to make a crow call.  He needs fat and goes to the slippery lake bank to consider fishing.  He calls it danger rock and goes to get his fish.  We see that he has his bow with him as he sets his gill net out hoping to catch fish.  He sees a herd large herd of musk ox near by.


Roland sees several dozen musk ox.  He is afraid to stalk the whole herd as many eyes will see him and run away.  He doesn’t want to spook them.


Kielyn finds a 1 lb Ptarmigan (a grouse) in her snare trap and we see her eating it back at her shelter.  She is missing chocolate.

The temperature is 22F as she goes the water to see if she can start ice fishing.  Everyone needs fish for the fat. 

Day 47


Amos plans to get fire wood and work on snare traps but when he goes out, there is a wolf, then he sees another, and another, 5 total.  They have surrounded his shelter and are coming closer. One looks to bluff a charge, when we break for a commercial.  The wolves are circling, looking for weakness, before pulling back.  There are tracks 3 yards from his shelter.

Day 48


Kielyn is in her shelter with a fire burning, generating a lot of smoke.  She is eating something small, possibly a left over piece of the grouse she trapped.  Lake side, she sees ice has covered the lake.  She has lost 38 lbs since day 1.  She has a pole to test the ice strength.  When wants to get started ice fishing.

Ice need to be 4” thick to hold a 200 lb person.  It doesn’t crack in her test, but she feels it is still too thin.

2:11 PM

Roland stakes his musk hide up in his shelter to smoke it for tanning so he can use it for cover later.  He is talking about going to danger rock to check his gill net.  He is in the strongest position, and cannot afford to make a mistake.

He has lost a surprising 44 lbs since day 1, and admires the skinny old timers on his way to danger rock to check his gill net, when he slips down.


Roland gets up from the slippery rocks looking uninjured, but noting his right knee is hurting.  His net looks to be washed out a ways.  He is going to leave it for the night.  There is limited ice on the water where he is at, and lots of big waves.  Danger Rock is off limits he says.

Day 49


Kielyn is looking at a frozen over body of water and walking out on it checking with a stick as she goes. She begins to chop a hole through the ice and measuring with her hand, says it is 4” thick. She plans on going ice fishing and drops a fish line in the hole while setting on tree limbs to stay warm. Fish on!


Kielyn jumps up and pulls a fish in from her ice hole.  She goes crazy and starts running and jumping on the ice, before falling down crying.  She is doing well, but her mental condition is in question.

She has a lake trout that is probably 10 lbs caught on a hand line.  She resumes fishing and can see a fish. She catches another, and again runs around jumping with her second large Lake Trout, probably 7 pounds for a critical of 17 pounds of lake trout caught on a hand line ice fishing.  She returns to camp talking about how she wants to show other women how to be tough.  Her frozen water, that no one else has, is proving to be a huge advantage.

After Episode 9, Roland discusses how he feels he was born in the wrong century, and later how he recovered his gill net.  Roland walks away from the musk ox because a herd like this is harder to hunt with so many eyes watching.  He didn’t want to spook them and make them run to another contestant’s territory.

Kielyn agrees and feels the same as Roland.  We learn that Kielyn has ice fishing experience but is not an expert and was comfortable checking the ice.  Her ability to successfully ice fish is a huge advantage at this point in the competition.

Callie is in a windy spot and her water is not frozen over and limiting her to trapping.  She discusses her face injuries, and not notifying the medics, so she is not forced to tap out.  She toughed it out, and that is admirable.  We see her fire and a nice chimney.

Amos discusses how he is struggling with the weather.  He discusses what he will do if the wolves surround him again…… first get his camera out… remain calm.   Staying bold, and facing them down with his spear in his hand, the wolf pack did not sense weakness and left.  Later they go back and show him making a heavy duty spear in his cabin, which he decorates with bunny hide.  He emphasizes that there is no one there to protect you… you are on your own.

Previews of next week show a log cabin wall on fire (probably Amos). Kielyn crying & saying I need to go home, Callie climbing in a tight cave for a porcupine.

At this point, the leading contented is clearly Roland.  Second place is difficult to pick.  Kielyn, should be in second place with her success at ice fishing at a time when the others are struggling, but her mental condition is weak and possibly near cracking. Amos is a solid contender and still mentally strong, but with a declining food supply and he has not gotten any more for several days.  Callie, is tough mentally, but with sparse food.  Mental toughness can only carry her so far, but it can also drive her to get more food, and we have seen she is a skilled trapper.

After Day 49, we still have 678 pounds of meat harvested with a bow, 315 pounds with a gill net, now 113 pounds of food captured in a snare trap, and now 62 pounds with a fishing line, the top producer during this episode, and 1 pound of squirrel with a rock.



Episode 10

Day 51 – 4 Remain in pursuit of the Million Dollar Prize money.

11:32 AM

Roland is going after a squirrels mushroom cache up on a tree, by chopping the tree down.  He stores them in a musk ox pouch made from the head.  This probably represents several pounds of food that Roland has stolen from animals, instead of the animals stealing from him, which has been a huge problem for several contestants.

Day 52

9:24 and it is 8 F outside as the weather is getting colder and colder.

Callie is gathering fire wood and singing, when she acts like she hears a noise, then she comes out of the woods wearing a reindeer skin parka as if she is a bear or something.  She does some crazy things like this, but this may strengthen her mentally.  She goes out to hunt with her bow and checks her snare traps which are empty.  But she was able to track a porcupine to his den, due to the fresh fallen snow, but hasn’t seen him. So she sets some snare traps around its den.

12:54 Kielyn is admiring her muscles before going out ice fishing.  She removes some trees from her fishing hole that have been covering it.  Her ice fishing ability and strategy is giving her an advantage at this point.

At 1:32 she begins fishing with a hand line. 

Later at 2:26 sill no fish nor bites yet, so she stands up to stretch.

Its 3:41 and still nothing, when she suddenly gets a solid bite.

3:53 has Kielyn jumping crazy again trying to pull in a big fish, that gets away.  She recognizes she panicked, and gives up for the day.

Day 53


Amos is building a stone xylophone and playing music; a waste of calories no doubt, as we see more contestants doing “crazy” things to help their mental condition. Then we see him warming his breakfast of fish.  He has begun rationing as he only has 3 fish left.  His lake is still not frozen over for ice fishing, so he is making a fishing lure from flat metal.    

Day 54

We open at 8:17 and it is -4 F, and still a bit dark.

Callie feels cozy and slept warm and shares her dream with the camera, which seems to be her Wilson.  She takes her bow and goes hunting and checking her trap lines. Going to the porcupine den, she sees that it apparently walked past her snare and push it aside.  She begins to squeeze into the den about 10:33 knowing if she gets stuck there that no one will come help her.   She can see the porcupine about 12 feet in there and goes to investigate the back side of the rocks and scared him out.  She shoots the 25 lb porcupine with her bow and he retreats back into the crack.  She squeezes in and gets the freshly killed Porcupine, which is the first game harvested by anyone in several days, and it is also a good source of fat, which will give her an advantage.

Day 54

12:02  10F

Amos is talking aout the weather, then starts is fire.  He is out of fish and is struggling to say warm.  He has lot 20% of his body weight.   He heads off to fish with his newly made lures.  He sling casts the lure way out in the water & pulls it in slowly.

2:12, he gets a bite, but doesn’t catch it.

3:09, still nothing

4:06 its dark and still nothing.

Back in the cabin, he is by the fire talking about how tired he is and struggling to stay warm.  Hereice fishing ability could prove to be a significant factor, but she is only fishing one hole and resources in that location could quickly become exhausted.  She needs to get some other holes cut in the ice, to increase her chances of catching something.  She might also set up several lines to fish in multiple locations simultaneously.  She needs to better utilize her advantage and use some techniques that will keep pressure on the line, like a bent tree limb with a figure 4 trigger, or a weighted limb that levers up when she gets a bite and keeps pressure on the line.

4:33 and we see it is already dark

Callie is back at her cabin with her fat porcupine.  The rabbits she has been eating have little fat.  She is skinning it and finds spots on the liver, indicating it has tularemia that makes humans have flu like symptoms.  Now she must decide what to do with this meat.  Cooking it well over the fire is a good suggestion, excluding the liver.

Day 55

And it is 5 F As we see Roland is in his solid cabin but going through a lot of wood he says.  He hopes to keep fire all the time.  Three inches of snow fell last night.  He sweeps snow from his yard on to his shelter to insulate it and keep it around 32F.   He remembers and regrets being a pain for his parents. 

11:46 AM

Kielyn slept in since it is blowing snow outside. She starts a fire and plans to just hang out for the day. She begins to eat fish but doesn’t feel well.  Here cabin is very smoky indicating venting issues. We see her later in the dark, with her eyes burning at 3:37 PM (Crying)

7:46 PM and it is already very dark as Roland is staying warm in his shelter with steady snow falling and the wind blowing and dropping a couple of inches in an hour.  He feels there is a big storm brewing.

Day 56

9:02 and it is sunny day and good for getting out.

Kielyn says her eyes are burning and she is not sure how much longer she can deal with the smoke.  She will likely be the next one tapping out.  She begins crying, saying she can’t last much longer although her new fish supply could give her a long term advantage.  She goes out to a pretty day to check her snare traps.  She begins to remove her snare traps as if she plans on tapping out.  Crying she says she just wants to go home.

Day 57


Kielyn is back in her cabin and has been thinking about it a lot… about going home.  She begins to rationalize quitting… contemplate her exit.  Her cabin is extremely smokey. But then, she seems to be sucking it up and determined to stay

Day 58

8:51 and the temperature is -6 F, the coldest we have seen so far.

Amos quickly starts his morning fire which is quite smokey.  His bay is still not frozen and fog floats off the water.  He doesn’t seem to be dressed heavy enough for the cold weather and cannot stay out long.  Back in the cabin he talks about his struggle and not wanting to waste away. He calls to TAP OUT after having one of the largest fish reserves earlier in the competition.  But fish was about all he had.  He was probably lucky to last this long, after having a very productive fishing spot for his gill net. His cabin catches on fire as he waits.

12:27 Amos is battling his cabin fire. Giving up, he begins to abandon his cabin, getting most of his supplies away from it.  The crew arrives to get him as the episode ends.

3 Remain, an while Roland has the most food reserves and best shelter, we have two other very determined competitors, who could end up staying the longest, and possibly even the 100 days to get the million dollar prize.


During this episode, the weather gets really cold.  Roland advises that everything takes twice as long when it is this cold.  Amos has never seen this cold weather and probably was not wearing the best gear for extreme cold weather.

Callie shares the difficulty she is having to maintain her body temperature and stay warm, much like Amos was experiencing.

Kielyn says her story would have ended if it hadn’t been for her bay icing over so he could fish.  Having source of food & fat is clearly an advantage that could win this even, but her mental condition is clearly in question an probably makes her the most likely to tap out next.

Callie has been getting an occasional rabbit, but no fat.  She was very determined to get the porcupine, knowing she could have died from trying.  She discusses her decision on whether to eat the meat, suggesting that she had to, to survive.

Kielyn talks about competing in sports and felt like she was representing Canada in the survival Olympics.   She battled the smoke over and over and couldn’t fix it.

Amos hadn’t harvested any food since his fill net stopped delivering a bounty of food. 


3  Remain in pursuit of the Million Dollar Prize money as we head into next weeks 3 hour final

Covering 5.8 days per episode, and with one more episode, it seems like 100 days is unlikely.  But when we get down to one final contestant, the producers will be covering more days, with less contestants, so it is still possible we will see a winner

With several hundred pounds of musk ox meat, and the best shelter, Roland is clearly the leading contender to be the MILLION DOLLAR WINNER, yet either of the other two could win.  Callie seems to have the mental toughness, while Kielyn has the best potential long term source of fat.... ice fishing. We will see next week.  Wouldn't it be exciting to see all 3 make the 100 days? 

After Day 58, we still have 678, plus an additional 25 pounds added this week of meat harvested with a bow, 315 pounds with a gill net, 113 pounds of food captured in a snare trap, and 62 pounds with a fishing line,  and 1 pound of squirrel with a rock.


For the final 3 hour Episode 11 Conclusion, click HERE.

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