Saturday, October 20, 2018

EDC Survival

EDC or Every Day Carry is one of the most likely survival scenarios you are likely to encounter.  This is a situation where things go bad, and all you have with you are the things that you normally carry with you EVERY DAY.  IF you are lucky, you have your car with a good assortment of things available. 

Lets look at two scenarios:  1)  No Car and 2) Having your car with you.

NO CAR - What you should carry on your person every day
  1. Charged cell phone; don't let it get too low!
  2. Money - Cash, in small bills & a few coins
  3. A knife &/or a Leatherman Multi-Tool
  4. A ferrous rod &/or bic lighter for starting fire
  5. Band aids in your wallet or purse for first aid
  6. Concealed Carry pistol with extra rounds of ammo 
  7. Comfortable shoes for walking great distances
  8. Long sleeve shirt &/or waterproof coat
  9. Condom (un-lubricated) for carrying water
  10. Know your edible wild plants; this is free and adds no weight
As you think about this to carry, remember the Rule of 3.

CAR -  What to carry in your car
  1. Gasoline - enough to get home.  Never run it down near empty.
  2. Case of bottled water (rotated every year)
  3. Water filter 
  4. Stainless steel water bottle
  5. 2 Qt Pot to cook and boil water in
  6. Rifle with military ammo can full
  7. Back Pack 
  8. Machete 
  9. Water proof poncho or tarp for shelter
  10. First Aid Kit
  11. Long shelf life snack foods like beef jerky, granola, raisins or canned goods
  12. Cell Phone, solar charger & water proof case; power off when not needed
  13. MURS Radio and solar charger for communications
  14. Motion Detecting, Solar Powered Lights &/or Alarms for Intruder Detection
  15. Fishing - net, line & lots of hooks; extra line for security trip wires
  16. A Thermal Scope will give you superior night vision for night travel
  17. A regional MAP or Atlas, plastic coated or in a freezer bag for navigation
Know when it is time to get home with our Bug Out Red Flag Warning Signs.

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