Monday, April 25, 2022

Ammo Prices - April 2022

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April prices are down on average by 14%, with a range of 36% higher for 45 Long Colt, to 48% lower on 30-30 Winchester, both of which have been in unusually short supply, along with .410 Shotgun which was down 44%.

 .22 Caliber ammo has seen three straight years of increasing as producers are less inclined to run "low margin ammo" and shooters favor the lower cost .22 even more.  April however saw a 7% drop from the 2021 average, but is still high as shown in our graph below.  Bulk 22 - 1000 rounds saw the biggest improvement in price at 27%.  I might buy at this quantity, but not stocking up at this price.  I'll wait until the looming recession and then buy (stock up) when price tank.


9mm saw decent improvement (12% lower) with the Texas Ammo Depot  offering a plastic box of 50 for $16.80 or $0.336 each which is a good price.  I've purchased a few hundred that I plan to test soon and will buy more if this performs well. Note, I get no compensation from anyone mentioned in my blog.

Apparently, Texans want to have their own Ammo Supply as well as their own Texas Precious Metals.  I suggest having some Silver as an investment.   Some will say Silver is NOT a good investment, but they are measuring Silver vs Paper Dollars, which is a far worse investment.


5.56 prices were down a slim 6% after increasing 62% in 2021.  While prices will never return to 2019 levels, this is still to high for me to buy any more.

Other ammo prices can be seen below, and there are some lower prices in many of them.



There are a wide range of prices in the market, so shop around before buying much ammo.

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