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Alone Season 9 Pack List


Episode 1

Labrador Canada, we meet the cast, and see them dropped off at the location they drew in a lottery.  The last one standing will win $500,000.  You can meet the cast here:  Alone Season 9 Cast

Day 1 - Temperature: 61 F  8:47 AM

Karie sees a storm brewing and sets up a temporary shelter, which turns out to be a wise move.

Benji - 10:12 AM

We see a large body of water that looks like a river.  He begins to scout the area for a camp sight.  With 30 years experience using a conventional bow, he feels confident. His goal is to stay 102 days, a new record.  He finds some bunch berries and harvests a few hand fulls, before he sees a squirrel. His second arrow bags a 1/2 pound squirrel with his bow.  Harvesting early food is a good sign, but then the rain comes and he gets soaking wet.

1:32 PM

Jessie is along a high river bank, building a walking stick, which is a good first tool, serving as a spear.  She scouts the area to find a place to set up a temporary camp.  Obvious bear tracks are found near a small stream. She sets up a simple tarp shelter. 

10:47 PM 48F

Jesse can hear a bear panting.     

11:51 PM

The bear is an estimated 100' from her and moving closer. 

Day 2 - 10:24 AM 58 F

Karie Lee has a lot of bug bites from the night, and continues to scout her area out.  She sees a grouse, right out in the open, but misses with her bow.  She sees him again, but moves forward to fast and spooks him.  Looks like she was trying a long shot (literally). 

12:17 PM

Karie Lee is stalking a grouse after missing, getting impatient and spooks him.  She shoots a second shot and bags a 2 lb grouse with her bow.  Harvesting early food like this is a good sign of her skills, despite several mistakes made before getting him. 

2:49 PM  54 F

Juan Pablo is along the river, scouting the area and struggling to walk.  He sees a fresh pile of bear scat and is hoping to bag a bear with his bow. He selects a temporary camp sight and gets started when he sees a squirrel.  He goes after it clumsily it seems, making lots of noise and spooks a large animal.  He finds some trash food cans and makes a stove pipe.  His shelter is well above average at this point. 

9:17 PM

Juan continues to work on his fire place and shelter. 

Day 3 - 7:54 AM

Jacques is also located along a river.  His shelter is tall and narrow like an A frame military tent, but with some solid wood poles.  He finds what he believe is fresh bear scat, but it looks old to me, just still wet.  Scouting around, he found a large foot trap in good working condition.

Day 4 - 7:23 AM

Igor awakes sleeping out in the open on a rock, wrapped in his tarp.  He is along way from the water and hasn't had any food in 4 days.  No shelter, no food and swarms of files biting him, is not a good sign for his chances of winning.  His location appears to be less desirable than many of the others.  He makes a Bladderrack stew, a form of sea weed. 

10:47 AM

Jacques has a growling stomach laying on his red sleeping bag, when he sees a squirrel high up in a tree.  He shoots and gets a 1/2 lb Squirrel with his first bow shot. He spooks a grouse near camp and is breathing heavy when he takes a shot. He believes he hit it, 

11:27 AM

Jacques is looking for a grouse that he shot but flew off with his arrow in it. He finds the 2 lb grouse killed with his bow. by seeing his large RED arrow feathers. 

1:31 PM 

Benji put on 36 lbs to prepare for this event.  Local regulations only allow fly rod or dip net for fishing.  He plans to build a tenkara Japanese fishing rod which is a 400 year old method. Each participant was provide with 5 flies to use as fish bait. 

2:26 PM

Benji is fly fishing and catches a 6" fish, then another , then another, for a total of 12 or about 3 lbs of fish with a fishing pole.

So far, there has been 5 pounds of food harvested with a bow, and 3 pounds with a fly fishing line for a total of 8 pounds of meat harvested.

Benji got 3 pounds of fish and a 1/2 pound squirrel for a total of 3.5 pounds, followed by Jaques who got a 1/2 pound squirrel and a 2 pound grouse, for a total of 2.5 pounds.  Karie got a 2 pound grouse.  This is 8 pounds total.

Episode 2

Labrador Canada, we meet the cast, and see them dropped off at the location they drew in a lottery.  The last one standing will win $500,000.  You can meet the cast here:  Alone Season 9 Cast

Day 1

Adam, Tom, Terry, Teimojn were introduced briefly

12:11 PM

We learn that Teimojin is ex-military and an emergency room doctor as he seeks a campsite. He builds an A-Frame tent

Day 2 - 9:32 AM

Terry is watching a harbor seal, which is a potential source of food.  Terry is a commercial fisherman in Alaska 4 months of the year, and then backpack the remainder of the year. He soon has an A-Frame tent from his tarp.  He left his tinder bundle out in the rain and must find more to start a fire. 

3:32  PM

Terry works to start a fire using a very potent fire rod, but as dark sets in, he still has no fire.

8:24 PM, 47 F

Terry is still struggling to build a fire in the dark to boil some water for drinking.

Day 3 9:12 AM, 40 F

Tom is eating Bunchberries, looking for food with his bow and 9 arrows. He shoots a ½ lb squirrel with his bow.  Which he cooks and eats.

Day 5 - 8:43 AM

Adam is a tree house carpenter and alpaca shearer and has sailed the ocean for 90-day trips.


Tom is building a solid lean-to with boughs on the roof for insulation


He is using moss for the side walls which is a better insulator than logs.  He uses some clear plastic for a window to provide light and builds an off-the-ground bed platform.  At this point, he has probably the best shelter and spent less than a day building it.

Day 6 - 7:07 AM, 39 F

Terry finally starts a fire and boils some water to drink.  He seems exhausted and has no shelter but is just starting to build a minimalistic A-frame shelter with his tarp.  Now he is going fishing, and wading out in the river.  Local regs only allow fly fishing.  He hooks a fish.

6:27 PM

Terry works his fish to the bank before landing a 2 lb brook trout with is his fishing pole.

Day 7 - 1:04 PM,  33F

Teimojin is building his shelter, and A-frame and then starts digging his Dakota fire pit.  A low fire pit and high bed keeps you warmer. He has an inlet to the base of the fire for air intake, and an outlet near the middle to exhaust smoke.  He fortifies it with a foot of river clay.  He quickly has fire, in a matter of seconds with what looks like a hex or square fire rod.

Day 8 – 1:58 PM

Tom is trying to make a streamer from his hair and a squirrel tail for fly fishing.  With the success the other have had, this is potentially a waste of time.  He hangs a fish and has to get down in the water but catches 3 fish about 2 lbs each, 6 pounds using his fishing pole.

Day 10 – 10:23 AM  44 F

Jacques builds a pole and goes fishing and quickly catches a 3 Lb Brook Trout with his fishing pole.  Instead of trying to catch more while the fish were biting, he cleans the fish and begins to cook it on a stick over the fire.  He has perhaps the second best shelter so far, behind Tom.

6:29 PM

Jacques feels like he is doing well, but loneliness is looming heavy on his mind.

Day 11- 10:11 AM

Adam standing in front of his nice moss house departs to go hunting with his Bow and 9 Arrows.  Arrows were previously limited to 6.

2:27 PM

Adam is hunting and sees a grouse high in a tree, a sure way to lose an arrow. He shoots twice and misses both times, and has lost two arrows with no grouse to show for it.

Day 12 – 10:31 AM

Jacques is looking at his stomach fat reserves and has lost 10% of his body weight since day 1.  He begins to chop wood, which is a waste of time and energy.  He should be using large logs and burning them in half. He hears a squirrel and gets his bow to go hunting.

12:23 PM

Jacques is stalking a squirrel, shoots and misses, goes for another shot and kills a ½ lb Squirrel with his bow.  It makes him sad to kill the squirrel.   He cooks and eats his squirrel, but probably should have hunted for another one, while they were likely active.


2:54 PM

Adam is looking to make a new fishing pole, a better one.  He is using an axe to clean up a spruce tree, and trim it down to a workable fishing pole size.  He uses the gromets from his tarp to make fishing line guides.  He may wish he had those gromets when the wind starts blowing hard.

3:52 PM

Adam is fishing and quickly catches about 10 small fish weighing about 7 pounds total, with his fishing rod.  Good to catch as many as possible, while they are biting as they will feed much less when the weather gets colder.

6:04 PM

Adam is eating fish around his campfire with a good stack of firewood in the smokey background.  He is eating with a nice wooden spoon that he apparently made.

Day 14 – 9:43 PM

Jacques is thinking about the squirrel he shot and there is something that seems inherently wrong.  He is really sad… It doesn’t look like he has the toughness to last. His favorite times have been with family, not in the woods alone. 

Day 15 – 7:49 AM

Jacques is Tapping Out, on Day 15.  He didn’t even last as long as the Naked & Afraid 21-day contestants who don’t have a pack full of luxury, but rather only one item and are naked.  How embarrassing this would be to me if I were in his position.

9 Remain



Episode 3

9 Remain

Day 12 – 9:21 AM  (three days earlier) 37 F

Jessie has not made much progress on her long-term shelter, but shows us what she does have.  She is digging out the side of a hill and using the sod for insulation.

1:38 PM

Igor is holding a pot of bladderwrack sea weed, as he has been unsuccessful fishing.  He has lost 19 lbs since day 1.  We see him building a log shelter all day with not much to show for it.  At sun set he sees a 2 lb grouse and got it with his saw.

6:48 PM

Igor is cooking and eating his grouse.

Day 13


Adam is digging clay for his cabin and harvesting some grass to make a cob mix for his fireplace which is smoking up his tightly sealed cabin.  Using a wattle and daub construction, i.e. weave of small limbs covered with clay.  He hears a grouse and tries to kill him with a club.

11:49 AM

Adam misses his grouse.  Trying to use a stick was not a smart move, but he has been caching a few fish each day.  He continues to work on his shelter chimney. It works great at carrying the smoke away.  He has a good cabin and some fire wood.

12:42 PM

Jessie is harvesting bunch berries which have 17 calories per 100 grams. She has lost 15 lbs since day 1.  Food has been more challenging than she expected.  She sets some snare traps along fallen logs

2:04 PM

Jessie is checking her snares and already has a ½ pound squirrel.

Day 14

6:32 AM

Benji 38 F slept well but needs a warmer shelter. So he starts on one on higher ground. He gets a tarp shelter built that may keep him dry, but provides zero warmth.  He shoots a ½ lbs squirrel with his bow.

He has lost 19 lbs and is happy to be here.

10:17 AM

Jessie greets us on the Alone show for a lesson on how to build permenate shelters, with a focus today on roofs.  She is building a high walled lean too, with minimal slope which could prove to be a problem.

2:09 PM

Juan Pablo has his bow and arrows and is hunting.  He shoots but misses a squirrel. He has explored up river and found nothing, but is exploring more area around his shelter.  One grouse on day for was not much to eat.  He is hoping to shoot a bear. He sets up some alarms with cans and pans. 

Day 15, 38 F

9:49 AM

Adam is using is leatherman Multi-Tool as a vice to tie fishing flies.  He goes fishing, the wind and water are calm. He is talking about home.  His parents live on 20k per year.

12:44 PM

Jessie is enjoying the sun.  She checks her snare traps, and has a ½ lb squirrel.  It’s mom is trying to call to the dead trapped baby.

3:23 PM

Karie Lee is at the waters edge to wash her hair in a pot of warm water. Her goal today is to build on her shelter, which is far behind many of the others. She has a Tee Pee / A frame like frame built in to a slight hill.

 With her tarp wrapped over it, she has a simple shelter.

6:37 PM

Karie Lee is in her shelter with a large fire burning representing a high risk to the tarp plastic wall.

Day 16


Adam is shooting his bow for target practice as his aim has been a little off.  His fishing spot is exhausted, so he needs to move to another place.  He found a bolete mushroom as he hunts a bear.  He is going to walk inland for a few hours to hunt bear. 

Adam kills a 2 lb grouse with his bow and arrows.

Inside his nice shelter, we see him cooking and eating his grouse.

2:22 PM

Benji is fishing with a fishing pole and catches 3 fish at about 4 pounds total.  He sees some beaver activity and shoots one with his bow at 4:27 PM.  The beaver flops around, and disappers.

5:19 PM

Benji is trying to find his beaver that he shot, but is giving up for the day. 

He recovers one of his nine arrows on his way back.

9 Remain


Episode 4

9 Remain

Day 17 – 6:52 AM  34F

Benji shot a beaver yesterday (13 hours ago) and is up early to find it.  He bags a 45 lb beaver with his bow, the biggest harvest yet. This is a game changer for Benji, giving him a distinct advantage

10:08 AM

Teimojin is adding some insulation to his cabin, and a log platform to sleep on.  He has lost 23 lbs since day 1.  He decides to focus on snare traps and foraging.  There are many ground squirrel dens around his cabin.  He decides to set some spring pole snares.


Benji is building a smoker for his beaver, and skinning him.


Benji is cooking his scrap meat in what looks like a Dutch oven lid and eating it.  He says it taste like beef.


Day 18

5:24 AM

Terry is going to be honest to us.  His body is telling him things it has never told him before.  He has not had a bowel movement for about 12 days. This can leave toxins in his colon, which is not good. 

6:27 AM

He is going out to hunt some beaver.

6:49 AM

A beaver is swimming around and Terry passes on a number of possible shots

7:28 AM

Terry is till waiting for the perfect shot, which hasn’t come yet.

8:27 AM

Teimojin is drinking water with some boiled berries.  No meat for 12 days, so he is looking for some squirrels as he checks his snare traps.  He is chopping some fire wood when he hears a flapping sound.  He sees a grouse but didn’t bring his bow with him, which may prove to be a stupid mistake as he returns to get his bow and finds the grouse again, and takes a shot.

9:37 AM

Teimojin shoots a 2 lb grouse with his bow, which is his first kill.  He can use the feathers to make more arrows.  Back at camp, he cleans the grouse for cooking and eating.

12:38 PM

Igor - We see some fish swimming away, then Igor stretching by his unfinished shelter.  He is further behind than most others and has lost 25 lbs already and only has a 2’ high wall.  He begins to fly fish and sees a seal feeding off shore.

2:14 PM

No fish

2:51 PM

Tom is working on his shelter and is actually about even with Igor, before he goes fishing.  He shoots a ¼ lb Whiskey Jack bird with his bow.

He begins fishing.  He hangs a fish…

3:08 PM

Tom catches a 3 lb brook trout with his fly fishing line.

4:23 PM

Igor found a small mussel, probably only an ounce of food, but he is eating it with some sea weed and making a soup.

5:31 PM

Benji is putting his scrap meat out as a draw for bears, and sets his game cams (2 provided) to watch his gut pile.

9:14 PM

Benji needs a better seat in his shelter to sit on.


Day 19

7:43 AM

We see a black bear at the gut pile eating.

Later we find Igor is making some tooth paste from charcoal and brushes his teeth with his finger.


Igor is working on a solid, heavy cabin but not making much progress. Expending a lot of calories.


Igor is sawing some large logs for his cabin and making some good progress. Going home and hanging out with his wife sounds good right now.  His back is hurting.


Terry hasn’t had a bowel movement in 13 days and doesn’t feel well and goes to lay down shortly after 4:00 PM in his nice A frame shelter.  He finally has a bowel movement and feels better.


Day 20

9:02 AM

Igor had a rough night as his body needs food.  He is going to set some snares and go fishing. He is run down from the hard work of building his big log shelter.  He stretches and groans before eating some sea weed for breakfast. He is going walking, hoping to find food.

2:09 PM

Igor has been walking around the forest.  He looks like he is close to quitting.

3:21 PM

Igor is feeling the limits of his body and wants to be sure he is not risking some permanent damage to his body.  Igor taps out on day 20.


Day 21

5:37 AM 35 F

8 Remain

Terry is up early and going to hunt beaver.

6:23 AM

The beaver is back where he was before and Terry makes what looks like a nice shot, but the beaver disappears.  We see him injured and wounded far out.

7:57 AM

Terry is about to swim out 100 yards to get his beaver.  The water is 31F as he wades out. 

8:33 AM  39 F

Terry has shot a 45 lb beaver with his bow and recovered him by wading out in 4 feet of water.  He takes it back to camp.

We have reached the Naked & Afraid day (21), where two naked people with one tool each are expected to survive to this point.  Yet we have two well-stocked Alone campers who could not survive this long.  Abet, under colder conditions, but also with the option of taking 10 items including 5 lbs of food.


Here we see the Bow is the predominate tool for harvesting meat.
Benji and Terry look to have a good chance of winning this, followed by Tom in a distant 3rd Place.

8 Remain


Episode 5

Day 21 – 41F

9:24 PM

Benji checked his gut pile and has a black bear coming to eat them.  He is going to wait to kill the bear after it freezes so he can preserve the meat better.  Smoking it would take a ton of work, and possibly still carry germs


Day 22

8:29 AM

Benji Starts bo build a wickup shelter to conserve energy.  It looks much like a stationary tee Pee frame, wrapped with plastics.  He had it up in no time


10:38 AM

Jesse barely has a shelter frame, with what looks like a flat roof as she misses a grouse with her bow.  Her shelter is behind all the others.  She makes a sleeping platform

11:59 AM

Adam has shot a ½ lb Squirrel with his bow, hitting it right through the eye. He shoots another ½ lb squirrel with his bow, hitting it right in the head.  He is obviously a good shot with a bow.  We see his well-insulated shelter and some of the different food and berries he has.

2:43 PM

Juan Pablo is dipping water and apparently drinking it directly from the stream.  He is doing so because boiling water takes a lot of energy.  He says he is Mexican and used to drinking bad water.  This is risky, but could save a lot of time and energy if it doesn’t backfire. He is hungry, with only a few berries the last week or so.  No animal droppings anywhere around him, leaving only fishing as an option for food.  So he is going to build a dock to go out on and fish.  He sees a harbor seal, which is protected by local laws.


Day 23 – 33F

9:31 AM

Karie Lee is sitting at the opening of a partially finished shelter


Karie is going out hunting, making a lot of noise pushing through the brush, when she hears a squirrel.  She shoots and apparently misses a squirrel from close range.  Skill with a bow is becoming a big factor.

10:31 AM

Karie Lee is searching for her kill but doesn’t find it.  She has lost 20 pounds since day 1. 

11:19 AM

Tom has a lot of islands around his camp.  He is in his nice shelter with a good fireplace, carving sticks for making traps.  We go back and see him build his shelter by partially digging in to a hill, and building a fire place with rocks and clay.

12:04 PM

Tom is hungry and going to check his snare traps which he does daily.  The first trap is empty, the second empty, second spring snare is triggered.

12:29 PM

Tom has caught a 2 lb rabbit in a spring snare trap. He is concerned about the meat is bad, but at that temperature, and cooking it well, it should be fine.  He skins the rabbit to make a rabbit stew, and really enjoys eating it.

2:17 PM

Karie Lee is singing and needs to focus on getting food.  Loud singing can scare area game away, making it harder to get food. She is at the water fishing, and gets a bite but it gets away.  She catches a 2 lb brook trout with a fishing pole.  She goes to cook it instead of fishing and catching more while the fish are biting, which is probably a mistake.

Day 24

8:16 AM - 40F

Juan Pablo is not having much luck fishing despite his 8-foot dock, but then catches one, and pulls it nearly in before it gets away.  Then he catches another, a 1lb fish with his fishing pole.

8:48 AM, Juan is still fishing while they are biting and catches another

9;24, he catches his fourth one

9:39 he catches the fifth fish

10:06, Juan catches his 6th fish, all about 1 lb each with his fishing pole or 6 lbs of fish. When he stops and cooks 3 of 6 fish right by the riverside.


11:53 AM

Benji is in his shelter by the fire, sharpening his single-sided ax, which he used every day.  I’d prefer a double-sided if allowed.  He starts to build a fleshing beam to tan his beaver hide. He scrapes the hide and gets a pound or more of meat and fat.  He renders the fat in to about 15,000 calories.

4:27 PM  Benji sees a grouse and misses with two arrows (9 allowed).  The grouse is still high in the tree, so he tries a third shot.


4:43 PM

Benji tries the third shot and drops a 2 lb grouse with his bow. He begins to clean the grouse and harvest his organs.

6:58 PM, he is in his shelter skinning the grouse and beginning to cook it in some beaver grease.  He enjoys eating it.


Day 25

12:48 PM

Adam overslept because he was up late massaging his belly to promote a bowel movement.  He is eating some berries. His stomach is struggling with his diet.  We see him making a wooden spoon, and thinking about what he would spend his winnings on.  He sounds homesick

10:12 PM

Adam thinks he has some gut parasite, probably Giardia.


Day 26

8:58 AM

Benji has a stomach ache and does some kind of hippy yoga-like healing process (Qigong).  He lools for Yarrow for treating his stomach ache.  He has put a lot of meat in his stomach. He is in a strong position, but this could take him out.


12:23 PM

Adam had a nice rest and going to get some birch bark to make a tea for his stomach ache.

2:27 PM

Benji is sleeping on the beach, on his sleeping bag and is burping a lot.

8:31 PM

Adam is drinking his birch bark tea, which is bitter and can promote self-healing.   He is steaming his face with a hot rag.

10:17 PM

Benji has a fever and fills sick.


Day 29

2:04 AM

We hear Benji throwing up.

2:32 AM

Once again he is throwing up

3:04 AM


6:13 AM

Benji hasn’t slept all night. He is stiff and ready to tap out, after being a top contender with a great chance of winning this.  I know he will regret tapping out because he had harvested more meat than any other contestant.  He pushes the button to Tap out on day 29. 7 Remain.

7:24 AM

The boat is on its way to get him.  He was the most the likely winner.  Today he is the 3rd quitter and the 8th place contestant, due to illness, possibly touching his food without washing his hands after handling raw meat.  


At this point, I give Terry Burns a 58% chance of winning, followed by Adam with a 15% Chance and Tom with a 12% Chance.


Check back next week for an update on Episode 6.

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