Thursday, December 24, 2020

Emergency Food Calculator

While our Rule of 3 demonstrates that we can die quicker without security, air, shelter, and water, Food is still a key survival component and one that we will likely need some day. But how much do you need?

Our handy calculator will assist you.  In this case we want to have enough for two (2) adults to survive for seven (7) days.  Because we require water to restore dehydrated foods, we have also included it. By typing input in to the model's blue fields, we can calculate, plan and provide for our needs.

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In the water section above, we need 14 gallons of water, but our plan only provides 13 as noted by the #13 being in red.  By adding an additional 1 gallon jug to our plan we would have sufficient water.

On our Emergency meal plan, we need 42 servings, and have 57 planned, for a safety factor of 15 extra servings. In addition, the granola cereal is considered a supplement to your diet, since many of these servings are small, and represents only about 800 calories per day and would maintain a sedimentary life style.  I would triple this for an active life style, and quadruple it for an active lifestyle in very cold weather.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and there is much more to consider below.

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