Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Ballistic Tip AR Ammo

The Truth about the AR-15, is that it is more likely to wound than kill when using NATO ammunition in compliance with the Geneva Convention.  The US Military chose this weapon for this purpose (plus a lot of Ammo could be carried) as a wounded enemy requires far more resources to care for than a dead one.

So for your Top AR, you probably want a ballistic tip Ammo like those from Winchester, Federal or Hornady, especially if you are hunting.

These Federal Nosler Ballistic Tip rounds from are my favorite round based on performance and price.

My second choice is the Winchester Ballistic Silvertip ($1.50 each) from which has dropped many a wild hog with one shot. has them for about $1.10 each at the time of this post compared to about $0.23 each for economy target rounds from

These Ballistic Tips are effective and the chrome or nickle plated cases are less likely to oxidize and will remain reliable much longer. For hand gun rounds, the Hornady Critical Defense and Critical Duty are also good choices. 

The key is to have The Right Amount of Ammo.

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