Monday, April 9, 2018

AR Optics

The price of a Top AR can be low compared to what you can spend on a scope or sight.  For this reason, it is important that you make informed choices.  There are a large number of low cost options, too many to properly test, so our focus here will be on products with established reputations for Quality.


Like the many different types of Firearms, there are may different optics for different needs. A long range scope is not good for Close Quarters Combat (CQC). Products suitable for Night Vision may not work in daylight. While there is no one best product, some combinations work well together.

  1. Trijicon ACOG Scope - This is a popular civilian version of a scope that the US Military uses. It has a optic tube that captures light and illuminates the reticle, with out the need for batteries.  It also has a holographic  Reflex sight for CQC.  This is a good combination optic for day and low light use.
  2. Aimpoint Red Dot Sight - A CQC sight with an amazing battery life (years) and is Night Vision compatible, providing you have a night vision monocle.  This low power system is a good Prepper choice along with some Rechargable batteries for a SHTF scenario.
  3. Laser - A laser sight is a good addition to any firearm for the fastest target acquisition, even when shooting from the hip. Unfortunately, most of them are cheap and will not stay on target. The DBAL-A3, another quality US Military product, has IR and Visible laser beams.
  4. Holographic - The EO Tech is another US Military choice for CQC and the model 552 is Night Vision compatible.  There is a magnifier available that extends the range beyond 100 yards.
  5. Thermal Scope - This is the ultimate day & night scope performance wise and cost wise.  It also takes a lot of batteries.  Rechargable batteries and Solar Power to charge them would be necessary in a SHTF or EMP situation.
  6. Night Vision -  Any NV is better than nothing at all, but a Generation III is the best.
  7. Iron Battle Sights - Last but not least, these are simple, affordable, reliable and never have the batteries go dead.  For this reason, every AR should have a set of these available, at least as a back up.  If you want to use them as an installed backup, then consider the 45 degree offset AR sight design.  The flip up sights are the most popular but may be slightly less accurate. This would be my first purchase.
A31F-RMR: Trijicon ACOG 4x32 Scope

Aimpoint Micro T-1 2 MOA

DBAL-A3 Laser sight

EO Tech 552

Over time, you can spend more buying different budget optics, so I recommend getting good ones from the beginning.  If I was only going to have one Optic after the Battle sight, my second purchase would be the IRMK3-60, followed by a laser.  The down side for an illuminated scope with a screen is that it illuminates and highlights your face.

If I couldn't afford the Thermal Scope, I'd probably go with the ACOG or Aimpoint and a hand held Thermal Monocular.

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