Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Preppers Weapons

Note the title says Weapons, not Weapon (singular).  There is no one best weapon, unless you narrow down the intended use to a small range of scenarios.  Given the Rule of 3 prioritization system, a gun is your highest priority preparation.

In summary, a Prepper needs at least the following weapons as prioritized below.  Granted you can start with a Beginner Starter Rifle, but plant to grow from there.
  1. A good Concealed Carry / Back-up Pistol
  2. A good multi-purpose defensive rifle like an AR-15, AR-10 or an AK-47. 
  3. A good Sidearm Pistol
  4. A home defense Shotgun 
  5. A .22 rifle 
  6. A BB Gun
  7. A Bow & Arrows 

 Now lets discuss these in further detail.
  1.  A personal concealed carry pistol is the top priority for three reasons.  First, you may need this each and every day, even if the SHTF scenario doesn't happen within your life time.  Second, because this weapon can serve as a back-up to your Sidearm Pistol.  Third, getting your concealed carry license is important.
  2. The AR-15 (5.56/.223) is the most popular rifle in the USA for a good reason, although the AR-10 and AK-47 have more knock down power.  The Truth about the AR-15, is that it is more likely to wound than kill when using NATO ammunition in compliance with the Geneva Convention.  The US Military chose this weapon for this purpose (plus a lot of Ammo could be carried) as a wounded enemy requires far more resources to care for than a dead one.  So for your AR, you want a Ballistic Tip Ammo like those from Winchester, Federal or Hornady, especially if you are hunting. Ideally most people in your Prepper Group will have AR-15s and a few will have an AR-10 (or bolt action .308 if shooting more than 500 yards) and AK-47.  Ammo for the AK-47 cost less.  Here are some of the Top AR-15s.
  3.  Your Sidearm Pistol is an important choice and requires a good holster.  The US and many State and Local Governments have moved to the .40 caliber, which has a lot of power and holds more rounds than the still popular US .45 and the 9mm is the most popular pistol globally, because it is what NATO and the US Military use. The choice of your Best Handgun involves a lot of things as noted in the blue highlighted link:  Best Hand Gun Selection Criteria
  4. A Double Barrel shotgun is one of the most fearsome weapons to face, but the Modern Shotgun versions that carry up to 24 rounds of ammunition are far superior
  5.  A 22 long / short rifle is used for quietly hunting small game and for training beginner shooters how to shoot and proper Gun Safety.  Note the short rounds are quieter, but may only shoot in a bolt action rifle. There are also sub sonic rounds that are quite, but do not have enough recoil to cycle a semi-automatic. 
  6. A BB Gun you say?  Yes, this is the best way to start out rookie shooters.
  7. A Bow & Arrows for quite hunting and for when the Ammo Runs Out.
  8. Last but not least, you need a good Prepper Knife.
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