Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Ammo Prices September 2021



We are seeing substantial improvement in Ammo prices after escalating during the 2020 riots on the west coast.  But prices are still much higher than 2019.  With the huge inflation that started under Biden/Harris, and their ban on imported Ammo from Russia, it is unlikely prices will ever reach 2019 levels again. 

Name brand 9mm FMJ 115g Ammo is selling at about $0.60 per round, or about $30 per box of 50.  This compares with $60/box in 2020, and $13/box in 2019.

Economy brands can be about 15% lower than well-known brands like Federal and Winchester, but not when ammo is hard to get. When supplies are tight, economy brands will cost nearly the same as name brands.

A Winchester 9mm 115g FMJ bullet will have 1190 feet per second velocity and 362 ft-lbs. of energy. An economy brand may offer 1150 fps and 350 ft-lbs. of energy or 3.4% less, but at double-digit lower cost, it would seem to be a good value for target shooting.

Next month, we will look at the bargain brand prices for 9mm.  


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