Monday, August 23, 2021

Alone Season 8 Food Harvested by tool

In Season 8, we estimated foraging food gathered based on comments on the show and compared that with the other tools for the following results.  There were also some lessons learned in this season.


It is important to note that for the first 45 days, the participants were not allowed to use Gill Nets, due to local fish and game laws.  So the gill net could have been about 2X higher under other circumstances.  A lesson learned, was that deep water gill nets were performing much better.  Had everyone realized this, the gill net could have been much more productive. Instead, it was in 3rd place behind a Bow & Arrows.  Considering hand fishing lines and gill nets, both combined were still in 3 rd place, but access to deep water would likely be a game changer.

The Bow, in the hands of a Master Hunter like Clay was able to bag a deer.  The producers said he got about 50 lbs of meat from this, I would have thought more, as it was not a small deer. This along with a grouse, also by Clay, but the Bow & Arrows in second place behind Foraging.

Onions, berries and dead fish & fowl on the shore line, along with some information from the producers and Theresa, Foraging appears to have provided more food than all other methods combined.  

Snare Traps, have been very successful in previous shows when the ground was covered with snow.  This show was no exception, but there was limited snow for the first 30 days or more. 


Foraging is the top food source, which if done while hunting with your Bow, the second highest food generator, should increase your yield on both, and use your limited calories wisely. 

Normally deep water fishing lines and gill nets would be set early, but deep water was limited and gill nets were prohibited.  Despite the weak performance this episode, these should till be important tools to have. 

Snare trapping is also important, with an increased focus after the snow falls.  In some cases, it may be worth hunting over one of your snare traps with a rabbit in it, if the predators can be killed and eaten.  This would also reduce the risk of your traps being robbed during the night while you sleep. 

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