Thursday, October 20, 2016

Survive on a deserted island


There is no right answer and every answer can be challenged.
Remember the Rule of 3 as you choose what you would want.

Here are some reasons why you might choose each item.
  1.  Tarp - provides shelter, catches water, could be a sail for the raft, could serve as a signal flag
  2.  Sunscreen - helps you avoid severe sunburn, possible illness and infection
  3.  Toilet Paper - Pick this because you are full of .... actually it could be tinder for starting a fire
  4.  Cooking Pot - cooking food, boiling, distilling or storing water
  5.  iPod - loneliness can be severe and hearing music could save your sanity
  6.  Boots - taking care of your feet is important, especially if you need to walk a great distance
  7. Handsaw - build shelter, cut fire wood
  8. Flare gun - signal for help, starting fire or possibly self defense
  9. Raft - sail away, shelter, capture water, bedding
  10. Flashlight - signal for help, light
  11. Insect Repellent - avoid illness from bug bites for a while
  12. Hammock - sleep in, carry supplies and use as a fish net or sun screen
  13. Compass - navigation on the island or if trying to sail to land
  14. Mirror - signal for help, check for parasites
  15. Vitamins - nutritional supplement while on a poor diet could help maintain your health
  16. Water Purifier - make water biologically safe to drink for a while, but will not remove salt
  17. Fishing Rod - Food, recreation, extending your reach to hook and catch things.
  18. Rope - build shelter, trap food, make fishing lines
  19. Hunting Rifle - protection & food, assuming you have ammo.
  20. Weed - die relaxed
  21. First Aid Kit - maintain your health and have a number of tools like emergency blanket
  22. Tent - shelter, insect protection, capture water for drinking or act as a sail for the raft
  23. Knife - often one of the first things selected to cut wood, make tools, cut food, protection
  24. Matches - build fire to cook and boil water until they run out
  25. Vollyball - Flotation device, recreation to maintain sanity and remember Wilson on Castaway
 Here are some suggestions:
1)  If I'm in the Atlantic where islands are close to shore, I pick the Raft, Tent, Fishing Rod and Flare Gun.  The raft will catch water, the tent provide shelter and act as a sail, the fishing rod will provide food and the Flare will signal someone.
2)  I'm in the Pacific where islands can be extremely far from the mainland, forget the raft and plan on staying a long time.  Take the Knife, Pot (water), Tent (shelter) and Fishing Rod for food.

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