Tuesday, September 24, 2019

EDC - Women

Every Day Carry or EDC Survival, is the most common survival scenario, where a person must survive with only what they carry on a daily basis.  In this post, we are focused only on what a Woman could easily carry on them. 

In discussing this, its important to note that most women are more discriminating than men in what they wear, which limits what they might carry on their person.  For example, women are not likely to wear survival jewelry, or fish hook ear rings, or a para cord bracelet, but it they will, great!  There are some beautiful options. But also, women are more inclined to carry a purse which gives them far more options.  Without her purse, a woman can be at a disadvantage survival wise compared to a man, but with it she can have a huge advantage. 

What a woman should / could carry on her person every day
  1. Charged cell phone; don't let it get too low! 
  2. Money - Cash, in small bills & a few coins.
  3. * A small key chain knife, and there are many options in this category.  A multi-function fingernail clipper for example; or a key shaped multi-function tool, or a key shaped knife, or even better, a discrete key shaped folding knife.  Pick one or more that suits your needs. 
  4. A decorative Tactical Key Chain ring. A pack 5 different colors is only $10.
  5. Key Chain Pepper Spray.
  6. Key Chain Compass.
  7. Key Chain Whistle.
  8. Comfortable shoes for walking great distances (NOT flip flops or sandals).
  9. Comfortable clothing that will protect you from the sun or cool weather.
  10. * Concealed Carry pistol with extra rounds of ammo.
So lets discuss what she might carry in her purse as this practice gives her a distinctive advantage over a man.
  1. A phone charger for plug AND Auto (very important).
  2. * A Leatherman Multi-Tool
  3. * A Magnesium Fire starter  & bic lighter for starting fire
  4. Band aids (with antibiotic) or small first aid kit.
  5. Condom (un-lubricated) or small metal bottle for carrying water.
  6. A Tactical Pen.
  7. Waterproof covering, wind breaker or survival blanket.
  8. * Extra rounds of ammo.
  9. Long shelf life snack foods or beef jerky.
  10. Water Filter Straw. 
  11. Water Treatment Tablets.  
* Cannot be carried in certain places such as when flying.

Now I can already hear many of the women I know saying "I'm not putting all that junk in my purse."  Okay, that is fine; you can still pick out a few of them to add.

As you think about what to carry, remember the Rule of 3.
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