Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Top 10 Prepper Businesses

When the SHTF, some of the worst businesses to own will be:
  1. Pet Grooming 
  2. Nail/hair Salons
  3. Fitness Gyms
  4. Counseling
  5. Florist
  6. Dance Studio's
  7. Lawn Care
  8. Tattoo parlor
  9. Travel Agency
  10. McDonalds (fast food) although good for Salvaging food.
  11. Home Decor
Only businesses with skills that provide goods or services that are absolutely essential will survive.
Key businesses might include:
  1. Agriculture - farming, ranching, aquaponics, commercial fishing and plowing services will be of the utmost importance, as food will be a critical necessity
  2. Repair Shop - transportation, Appliances, motors, generators
  3. Black Smith - make plows, hoes, tools
  4. Wood working - saw mill, carpenter, build log cabins.
  5. Electrical Engineer - solar power, generators, hydro electric
  6. Medical Care - Doctor, Dentist, Nurse, EMT, First Aide, especially natural remedies.
  7. Wilderness Survival Expert / hunter, trapper, fisher
  8. Gun Smith - the ability to repair fire arms, but also to make other weapons like bows, arrows, knives & spears.
  9. Chemist - make gun powder, reload bullets, medicines
  10. Teachers - academics like history, math, reading/writing and science, but also vocational skills like those above.
Military - Security, Scout Patrols, etc. will be important skills and possibly a business to help you get set up.
What other businesses would you suggest?

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  1. Great to see my profession (teacher) is on the list of things that won't go out of business. Hoping that the constant threat of imminent death will make the children behave a little better! :D

    1. Lol, the lack of discipline in schools is truly a problem. Calling the parents can only make it worse, as they tend to blame the teachers.


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