Saturday, May 19, 2018

FBI Ammo

FBI divides $35M contract among three ammo companies reports that the big three ammo companies — Hornady Manufacturing, Winchester Ammunition, and Vista Outdoor — were given their own slice of a $35 million contract with the FBI for training rounds.

The Bureau awarded the contract for “9mm Luger service, reduced-lead training, and frangible ammunition,” according to April 2 announcement.

Taking $19 million, Vista will receive the bulk of the award, which covers up to four years. The company, which manages dozens of brands, said the agency opted for Federal Premium ammunition with a new match-grade bullet and a lead-free primer.

Hornady was contracted to fill an $11 million order. The Nebraska-based company said it will provide Hornad’s 9mm+P Luger 135 grain FlexLock Critical Duty ammunition.

Lastly, Winchester — owned by Olin Corp. — received the remainder of the contract, to the tune of $5 million.

The FBI switched back to issuing a 9mm handgun in 2016, when the agency awarded a contracted valued up to $85 million to Glock. The agency had relied on .40-caliber pistols beforehand.

JR Note:  The plated rounds are superior in shelf life, and the FBI chosen Glock has been one of my favorite brands for many years, one in fact that I won a shooting competition with, against military and police officers.   I'm also finding to be an interesting source of information, and recommend you add them to your favorites list.

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