Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sustainable City Survival

Surviving long term in the city is perhaps the most challenging place to do so.

 When we think about the challenges of sustainable survival in the city, the Rule of 3 has never been truer. This Rule of 3 states that you can die in 3 seconds without security and in 3 days without water.

The gangs and starving, robbing hoards will be a serious threat that will make Urban Survival a dark event.  You must have an Urban Security Plan that organizes the neighborhood instead of having them fighting each other and coming after your resources.  Even then traitors and back stabbers are likely.

Having enough water will be another constraint long term, even if you have a swimming pool. There are a large number of important preparations you will need, especially to protect your home. Along with Security, Water and waste removal will be your biggest challenges.

So aside from the links above, especially Security, you will need the following.

First start by drilling a water well with a faucet and then installing an automatic lawn sprinkler system, both of which will operate off of a DIY solar power system.  This will give you a long term supply of water and electricity. 
  1. Privacy Fence
  2. DIY Solar Power system
  3. Water Well
  4. Automatic Irrigation System
  5. Electric tiller
  6. Gardening tools - water hose, hoe, rakes, drip irrigation hose
  7. Heirloom Seeds 
  8. Food preparation and preservation methods
The irrigation system can be used to turn your back yard into a productive vegetable garden.  You will start by using a quite electric powered tiller to kill the grass and till all your organic waste into the soil and begin planting first turnip seeds and then other vegetable seeds that you have practiced growing on a small scale.  Start your practice garden now; don't expect to start gardening when your life depends on it.

For additional information see the following links: 
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Situational Awareness 
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Double Barreled Defense 

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