Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Gas Mask

Gas Masks are one of those things that you don't talk about in front of just anyone for fear they will think you are crazy.  Yet the Rule of 3 states that you can die in 3 minutes without air making breathable air one of our top priorities.

These are great for smoke, tear gas and air borne pathogens or toxins that are not absorbed through the skin. Such masks range from $30 to $400 plus.

My favorite mask is the US Surplus Mask with a side mount NATO filter; side mount so you can shoot a rifle. These typically sell for less than $100. New NATO masks cost under $200.

But in extreme cases, full body protection is required.  Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) suits have been around for years.  Today they have evolved to Chemical Biological, Radiation and Nuclear or CBRN suits.  But these are expensive starting at $200 and going up to well over $1,000. The ones that are not rubber (or similarly chemical resistant) coated material provide limited protection.

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