Sunday, August 27, 2017

Power Outage Preps

Drinking water for an extended Power Outage is important. Our post on Emergency Water is very complete and informative with a water storage and rotation plan that would work for any home.

But we must have a way to prepare food. The charcoal allows you to cook food as would an inexpensive cook stove like the one below.

Our post on Food Preparation & Preservation covers more detail on this topic.

Another nice item are these solar powered lights. 

With some inexpensive hardware, or a flower vase, you can spread them around your home to provide light.  


The quality ones use rechargeable AA or AAA batteries and can be used as a solar powered charger.  They are also brighter and last longer. Having a set of each (AA and AAA) is ideal so you can charge all your small batteries.

When you are not using these for lighting or to charge your batteries, they make attractive lights for your yard and provide an added measure of Home Security.  

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