Sunday, August 27, 2017

Flood Bugout Bag

What should you have packed and ready to go in the event of a flood or hurricane?  

Here is a good list, but put each individual item in a water proof bag or case:

  1. Water resistant backpack
  2. Medicines, glasses, contacts, important documents, cash, and a First Aid kit
  3. Rain poncho, rain boots, umbrella, children's floats or life vests (wear/carry these)
  4. Change of clothes, & a blanket in a water proof bag (typical on all items)
  5. Drinking water (stainless steel bottle, camel-back, refillable containers)
  6. Dry foods, raisins, beef jerky, MRE's, cooked easy open can foods
  7. Fully charged cell phone in a water proof case
  8. Hand crank radio / flashlight / signal light in a water proof bag
  9. Hand held MURS Communications Radios in a water proof bag
  10. Chargers, cords and extra batteries in a water proof bag
  11. Folding knife, fire starter, Bic lighter & waterproof matches
  12. Area Map (waterproof) & compass in a water proof bag
  13. Good handgun in a good moisture resistant holster & ammo in water proof bag
  14. An inflatable raft, pool, float or wagon to carry some of your items
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