Monday, June 20, 2016

Home Invasion Response Plan

At the sound of breaking glass, the alarm going off or some sound that clearly indicates a home invasion is in progress, it is time to spring in to action.  The senior household leader should loudly call out Intruder, Intruder, Intruder.  This is important to alert others and insure the suspect Intruder is not actually a family member. Do this as you grab your gun, flashlight and cell phone.  Call 911 and put it on speaker as you immediately move to a vantage point that provides cover and a view of the direction(s) that the intruder is likely to approach from. At the same time your spouse, partner or the designated backup leader (if any) gets their gun, flashlight and cell phone, and also calls 911, then at this point you have two options:

  1. Your back up person can gather any family members or children into your designated safe area, and stand guard, ideally close enough behind you to serve as a back up.
  2. Have family members stay in their room and/or proceed to a designated hiding place that would provide cover, minimize the risk of being struck by a stray shot and make it hard for an intruder to find them and use them as a hostage.  In no case would I surrender my gun to an armed intruder, but each of us should have thought this out and have stashed guns as back up. 
Wait for the police to arrive and proceed with caution when they do so you are not mistaken for an intruder.  Only if necessary, should you proceed to clear the house which might occur if your family members chose step 2 above, in which case, you should secure them first. Should any intruders get past you, the others should be to defend them selves but not leave the safe area until the police or you tell them it is safe to do so.
Practice this exercise with the whole family to see how it works and fine tune the plan as needed.
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