Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Truth about the AR 15

AR is short for ArmaLite Rifle which is the company that first designed the rifle.  The AR is a low powered rifle that primarily uses NATO ammo that is in compliance with the Geneva Convention on modern warfare.  This basically means the bullets make a small clean wound that is easy to treat as opposed to the common Law Enforcement or Personal Protection ammo that expands on impact creating a huge fatal wound cavity.

In some states like Washington, all big game must be hunted with a minimum of .24 caliber ammunition – relegating the AR-15 to small game and varmint duty exactly because it is a low-powered rifle.  So the AR-15 is NOT a “high powered” rifle. Yes, it has more power than a handgun – all rifles do.

An AR 15 is NOT an assault rifle and is NOT an Automatic. For more factual information on this topic, see the following link:
AR slug size below:
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