Sunday, January 21, 2018

Random Security

The biggest weakness of any security plan is predictability.  WARNING:  This post represents the harsh reality of Anarchy if our fragile society breaks down. 

Prior to an attack, an enemy will access your security to find an opportunity to penetrate it undetected, capture or kill your people and steal your supplies. During the dark ages, it was called rape, pillage and plunder.  The point is, your security plans are important

They will scan the radio frequencies to see if you are using them for communication, and if so, which channels.  Then they will listen to everything you are saying, learning more about you and your group.

Using binoculars, they will watch for days (or even weeks) from a distant vantage point (that you should be watching) to determine:
  1. How many armed capable people (threats) you have?
  2. What your shift change schedules are?
  3. What are your lookout vantage points and what views and area can they see and protect; more importantly, where they cannot see nor protect.
  4. Which of your security teams are not alert and could be easily eliminated?
  5. Do you have roaming security patrols, if so, where do they cover, how often, and how long does it take before they come back around again.  Do they use a "Leave Behind' person at times?
They will develop a plan and probe your defenses to test your ability to detect them and your response, IF you do.

Attacker plans are likely to include a range of things:
  1.  Lure your Security Team away (via a diversion), or into a trap. 
  2. Quietly snipe your security one at a time with a cross bow, or several at once with sound suppressed fire arms; most likely at night, using night vision when others are sleeping and they can sneak in undetected.  Once security is taken out, they storm your central Command Post. 
  3. They may use smoke, tear gas, pepper spray or fire to flush people out and shoot them when they run out.  Fire is less rational as it burns valuable supplies, but may be used by hot heads.
  4. Snipe some of your people when out working, or snipe some of your equipment; when your people come out to work on it, snipe them.
  5. Capture your group's children, women or leaders as hostages to have an inside spy, who will allow them in, or hold them for ransom/barter. When group family members "leave" (read disappear) unexpectedly, certain security must be put in place to watch the remaining family members who may become hostile to save their hostage family member(s).
  6. If your enemy is smart, they will keep your hostages after taking all your guns & ammo, then require regular payments from your group of food and any supplies you can salvage. They will bully your group, harass your women and hurt or kill one of your strongest members occasionally to keep your people in line, just like on one of the Top TV Series (#4).
For these reasons, it is critical that you develop randomized and unpredictable security plans such as those outlined in the Prepper Handbook and that you know what to expect to develop the best plans possible. These plans should be unpredictable so that even your security team doesn't know what the plan is until they report for duty.  Your Security Team Leader should have someone (friendly) probing your defenses often, to determine weaknesses and keep your Security Team alert.

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