Saturday, December 10, 2016

Night Vision vs Thermal Vision

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Quality is improving and prices are coming down for tools that provide a critical tactical advantage for night time security. Every Prepper needs either Night Vision or Thermal Vision to protect his home and family from well prepared night time Home Invaders.  With out Intruder Detection, you could just be building up supplies for thieves and murderers.  Granted you can Salvage for supplies and obtain lots of things, but something like this will be a rare find.

Experienced military personnel wear their Vision Enhancement on their Helmet.Having it on your weapon or a hand held model means you need to hold it up to your face to scan for threats.

Here are a few options you might consider based on your budget:
  1. Hand held Night Vision Monocular for under $175.  This is an excellent, top rated, low budget starter tool. As you can afford it, you will want something better later, but someone on your Security Watch can still use this while you use your new one or you can keep one in your Security Pack
  2. Flir Thermal Vision (handheld) for under $600.  With this, I can see large game moving at 200 yards and identify them at 75 to 100 yards.  I can see and identify rabbits, skunks and other small game at 50 to 75 yards much better than even night vision costing five times more.  There are many types of Thermal Vision that allow you to see with varying clarity and at different distances.  This Flir Link shows some good examples along with the IR Hunter link under the picture above.
  3. Yukon offers a low cost head mount Night Vision Monocular for under $300.  Its not the best, but is a good starter one.
  4. The top of the line Night Vision is the PVS -14.  It comes with a weapons and helmet mount for well under $4,000. 00
  5. The top of the line Thermal Scopes are the Flir RS 64 starting at $5,500 and IR Hunter Mark II for about $6,500.
  6. There lower cost models like the Flir RS 32 starting at $3,800. 
  7. Also recommended with each of these are a number of rechargeable batteries and a Solar Battery Charger or a small solar system and a regular battery charger.
Most well planned modern attacks are likely to occur under the cover of darkness making night vision critical for Security and for Actionable Intelligence.

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