Monday, November 28, 2016

Civil War

Nothing symbolizes the tragic American Civil War better than the fallen Confederate Flag.  This war cost the lives of about 750,000 Americans or 2.39% of our entire population over 4 years.  This is the highest in history on a per capita basis by far and should serve as a lesson to those of us today.

With the diverse difference of opinions between the few highly populated states and the others, Secession from the Union is a far better alternative to a Civil War. The obvious alternative to either is to get along and respect the rights of others, and if the Federal Government was not so strong and domineering, this might work if the original intent of the US Constitution was respected. Each state could determine their own beliefs and laws. But this is unlikely to work when citizens in one state want to force their beliefs on another state, or even on an individual. Lets look at some divisive issues.
  1. Should a person be forced to bake a cake for a Gay couple? Should a Gay couple have to go else where to get a cake baked?  Does the US Constitution say ..Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...?  Does the Gay couple have the right to force someone else to bake them a cake? 
  2. If I don't like guns or small worthless yappy dogs or big dangerous dogs, should the government regulate or ban them for everyone?  Does the US Constitution say ..the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed?  Does it say we have the right to keep a dog?  Oh, but guns kill people .... right but Abortion doctors kill over 20 times more than guns and all of them are defenseless babies, not criminals shooting each other like most homicides are.
  3. Does a woman have the right to abort/kill her baby?  Is it not her body and her choice?  Clearly she has the right to use birth control. What about the rights of the baby, who cannot fight for their rights? Why can't we exercise that choice up until the child is 18 years old, when they reach legal adulthood?  What is the difference in killing them a little before being born or after being born.  More babies are aborted each year than soldiers died in the Civil War, a war fought to protect the rights of those who could not fight for themselves, much like unborn babies.
Already some have quit reading this, or are stewing about the issues above. The point is that our opinions on right and wrong may be too diverse to remain as one country, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  

Permitting some of these states with strong beliefs that differ from the majority of the states should be permitted to leave the Union. This is a far better alternative to a Civil War. IF Texas were to leave the US, they would be the sixth largest oil exporter and would not require an income tax and still have a balanced budget. In addition we could better control our future with out being ran over by another liberal, tax and over spend, big government (Washington DC) in the future.

Unfortunately, our Federal Government would not want to give up the power and control over any states and many people within them would agree it is better to stay a part of the US.  For those that receive more federal benefits than they pay in, it clearly is.  So we are stuck with a few highly infested states and cities with radically different beliefs from the rest of the country.

So what happens when people with radically different beliefs take to the streets to first protest which turns in to Rioting & Looting.What is next if this grows and gets out of control, going after those who voted for the opposing candidate, or politicians who support differing opinions?

At this point, we are on the edge of a major civil unrest, possibly a civil war. Republicans in California or possibly even Democrats in Texas may be in danger (although Republicans and Texans are far less prone to violent protests).  Muslims, Immigrants, Gays, NRA members,  may be persecuted. While the NRA members will be the ones best positioned to protect themselves, the others could be in serious jeopardy.

At this point, there is safety in numbers, so having a Neighborhood Security Plan might be a good idea.  Having made a few preparations against Terrorism could save your life.  A Home Invasion Plan is a good idea along with a number of strategically located guns and fire extinguishers. While violent protests are much less likely in the country, having a Country Home Security Plan could still be a good idea.

But matters could get far worse than just rioting and looting when Liberals and Conservatives start firing on each other, and even worse when the US Military starts firing on US Citizens.There is a group of Law Enforcement Officers and Military Personnel who take their Oath to Support the US Constitution seriously, and refuse to obey certain illegal orders; these heroic people are called Oath Keepers.  We can only hope that our Government will let States like California and Texas exit the Union before it comes to a civil war. After all, if they joined freely, they should be able to exit freely. 

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