Wednesday, October 11, 2017

EMP Survival

Think about your 9 closest family and friends: only one of you is likely to survive. The government estimates that a single EMP bomb attack on the US could cause 90% fatalities making this one of the worst disasters behind an Asteroid Impact. or all out Nuclear War.  
So why is an EMP so deadly? An EMP will take out all electrical and electronic devices that are not isolated in a metal container (Faraday Cage).  The drastic dark results include:
  1. Every Computer, the Internet, cell phones watches, clocks, radio, TV and form of modern Communications will be dead.
  2. Every ATM, Bank, Stock Exchange, credit card, and most Financial Investments.
  3. Every Car, Truck, Train, Tractor, motor cycle and ATV made after the 70's won't run.
  4. Those who recognize the Red Flag Warnings will get out of town early before Gangs start door to door looting. 
  5. This will stop all commercial farming that supports 97% of the US population.
  6. Refineries that produce gasoline and diesel will be incapacitated.
  7.  Existing stores of gasoline with ethanol added will become bad after about 6 to 8 months.
  8. This will disrupt harvesting and transportation of crops to market.
  9. Americans will begin to starve as crops rot in the fields.
  10. City Survival will be impossible on your own.  Even with good Home Security.
  11. Enemies of the Right to Bear Arms are many. Gun confiscation will occur in area's with high level of gun control while armed citizen Urban Security will be organized in states that respect the right to bear arms.  Country Security and Military Security will be in place in some regions. 
  12. Electricity (except possibly off-grid solar power), and running water will be gone for up to 10 years or more.  
  13. Mass hordes will begin exiting the cities in search of food and water.
  14. For many it will be necessary to adopt a Nomadic life style.
  15. Most forms of wild game become extinct in a few months as people turn to Wilderness Survival and cannibalism to survive. 
  16. Terrorist will seek to take over our country.
  17. China will invade and take over our US west coast under the pretense of providing humanitarian aid. The few remaining starving Americans will welcome them until they realize that Chinese colonization is occurring and their rights and freedoms are gone.
  18. Europe, Russia and Saudi Arabia will be competing to provide "Humanitarian Aid" to the starving US East Coast. 
  19. Canada will offer aid to the Northern Border and Mexico to the Southern Border, but these regions being more self sufficient will be harder to take over.  
  20. Facing the End of Free America, the few of us that remain will have to fight to Protect America. like those in the Prepper Movie - Red Dawn.
So what can we do to protect our family from an EMP?

The answer is that it won't be easy, even if we are well prepared.  It will require more than Beginner Preparations. The Blue Highlighted Links will provide you more details on a particular subject.

We will need the following Advanced Preps:
  1. A Step by Step Plan to build and protect your supplies.  
  2. Know what to do on DAY ONE
  3. Food and Water to meet your needs for 1 year.
  4. A CRITICAL NEED will be security to protect your families and supplies as the Mass Hordes and Gangs seek to steal them from us. Click HERE for a list of security plans for City and Country groups.  About half of the fatalities from an EMP are likely to be from MURDER by other starving Americans.
  5. We will need Sustainable Food & Water Supplies to feed us after the first year including Seeds for Barter, Gardening and Livestock for meat.
  6. In a short period, there will be plenty of Guns available as much of the US population has been killed.  But Ammo will be hard to find. How much Ammo should you have?  
  7. What do we do After the Ammo Runs Out?
  8. Have BB guns to train beginners and save Ammo.
  9. Books will be great sources of information and entertainment after the electronics are gone.
  10. First Aide supplies, including Antibiotics, will be critical to survive the period of anarchy. 
  11. Having Paper & Silver dollars will be essential.
  12. Nuclear fall out is likely; underground shelter will be necessary if near heavy fallout areas. NBC suits are a huge plus.
  13. Solar power equipment, communications, night vision stored in a metal container have a good chance of surviving an EMP, and providing highly valuable tools for survival and security.
  14.  You need enough guns for everyone to carry a rifle and a pistol, and a good Security Pack.
    Even with all this, it will be difficult to survive, unless you are sustainable living already on am isolated island some where far away. 

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