Sunday, April 7, 2019

Prepper Handbook Recommendations

Over the course of time, we identify some key Prepper items that are very affordable and which we believe every family should have.  We call these our Prepper Handbook Recommendations.  

A good example would be a Solar Powered Light that can also be used as an AA Solar Battery Charger for $4 - $8. Make sure to only get the ones that use AA or AAA batteries.

Another example is a 300 watt DC - AC Inverter that will provide 120 Volt electricity while your vehicle is running for $30 to $50. 

Below are more of our Prepper Handbook Recommendations.  

Power Outage Preps
Power Outage Heater

Prepper Gift List
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Edible Wild Plants (knowledge is free) 

Salvaging Supplies (plan now) 

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