Monday, April 15, 2019

Home Schooling for Preppers

After an economic or societal breakdown, i.e. the proverbial SHTF scenario, it will be necessary to educate your children at home, which takes on a whole new meaning under these circumstances.  While we still need the academic school training, there is much more that must be learned, many of these Prepper Skills for Youth we should already be teaching.  So lets look at home schooling from different perspectives.
  1. Academics - Math, Science, English
  2. Basic Life Skills -  Farming, Ranching, Food Preservation, Hunting, Fishing, Wilderness Survival, Delivering Babies, First Aid, Sewing, Business, Mechanics, Electrical and this list could go on and on. 
  3. Art - creativity would clearly seem to be the least important skill for survival as indicated below in Maslow's hierarchy of needs however music has been something that makes life enjoyable after a hard days work, and brings people together. Mental health is important, and randomly scheduled group events are helpful, as long as they don't compromise security. In fact, security should be increased as the noise could be risky.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Regardless of what you are teaching, having a hard copy set of encyclopedias (below) is a great resource.  Old copies of these can often be purchased at estate sales or re-sale Book Stores.  Having a CD version can also be helpful, IF you have electricity, which may not be the case after an EMP.

For Academic Books, W.W. Norton seems to have a good selection of school books. 

Another great source of educational materials are College Book stores, where they sell used books at a discount, and, however they are globalist with anti-American sentiment and should only be used as a last resort. Further, buying lots of books, guns, ammo, etc. on line &/or not paying with cash WILL get you flagged as a potential risk with the NSA and FBI, who track every transaction, phone call, text message, etc.

Every year, there are many school books retired and replaced with new (more liberal) ones, so older books may actually be preferable. 

For Basic Skill books,  our Prepper Handbook list of Best Prepper Books will provides many known good books to have for basic skills.  We would welcome your suggestions on some good books in the comments below.

Ideally, we build our own good library of books ahead of time, but if not, then Salvaging books from a school or library may be necessary. If this is not an option, then we may borrow, Barter or Purchase the necessary books from others if still available.

Last, but not least, a Bible is mandatory, and a good bible scholar as a Teacher is priceless.

Teachers are essential; the more the better. Different Teachers for different subjects is the ideal scenario with each having their area of specialization, especially at the higher grade levels.

School must be scheduled around farm work schedules; off during the spring planting (spring break), off during the summer harvest, and in school though out the winter. A college type schedule with some courses on Monday, Wednesday and other courses on Tuesday, Thursday.

Early to bed, early to rise is also a good schedule as students will likely be living a farming life style; up at dawn, break at lunch during the heat of the day, work again in the evening and off to bed shortly after sun down.

Educating our children is an investment in the future and one that must be taken seriously.

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