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Sustainable Meal Planning - Breakfast

Part of our long term sustainable survival must be meal planning.  A bottoms up approach considering how many men, women, children and livestock we will need to feed is essential to planning our food supply.  Calories, nutrition, variety and desirable taste (spices) are all important.

So lets start with Breakfast, and keep in mind it need to be something that you can raise, grow or hunt on your own property which limits our options.

Without reviewing details covered in our Livestock series, the easiest animals to raise are Chickens, by far, followed by Pigeons, Rabbits and Goats; possibly Ducks and Fish if you have ample surface water.  Bees are easy to raise and honey is the easiest most natural sweetener you can find.  Nuts are also a good source of protein and preserve well.  As much as I like beacon and sausage, pigs require a lot of space to raise food to feed them. The fat from having pigs would be a huge benefit making pigs are great barter item, but still a challenge to raise and feed.  Hunting wild pigs will yield little as Wildlife will be limited from excessive hunting.  Capturing and raising them will be a much better choice. 

With this in mind, a sustainable life style breakfast might be as follows:
  1. Three Scrambled Eggs
  2. Several Biscuits or Pancakes with fresh honey or a bowl of oatmeal or corn grits
  3. A portion of meat or nuts of your raising
  4. Perhaps a glass of goats milk
  5. Maybe some garden onions or dried ground peppers
To achieve this breakfast, we will need:

  1. Eight laying hens per person.
  2. About 200 lbs of chicken feed per person (per year)
  3. Four 50 lb size sacks to package and store the grain
  4. About 0.25 acres of land to raise this feed 
Biscuits, Pancakes, Oatmeal or Corn Grits
  1.  Four 2 ounce Biscuits or 8 ounces of pancakes or grain cereal 
  2. Baking Soda, Baking Poweder or Yeast or sour dough bread mix
  3. 300 lbs of grain per year per person.
  4. Six 50 lb size sacks to package and store the grain
  5. About 0.50 acres of land to raise these grains.
  6. One bee hive per person for the honey.
  7. Fifty pint jars & lids to store the honey.
  1. Sausage, 6 - 8 ounces (whole hog)
  2. About 650 lbs of feed per person (per year)
  3. Thirteen 50 lb size sacks to package and store the grain
  4. About 1.50 acres of land to raise this feed 
  1. One nanny goat that is milked daily
  2. About 400 lbs of feed per person (per year)
  3. Eight 50 lb size sacks to package and store the grain
  4. About 1.0 acres of land to raise this feed 
  1. Pounds of grain - 1,550
  2. Feed Storage Sacks - 31
  3. Acres of land - 3.25

 These are the requirements  per person, per year, for one meal - Breakfast.  Based on heirloom crops with limited fertilizer, but rotating the crops and resting the land every other year.

So as you can see, sustainable living is not easy.  The Prepper Handbook available on Amazon Kindle for $4.99 has a Sustainable food model shown to help develop your own meal plan.

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