Sunday, April 7, 2019

Knowledge is FREE

We can't afford to go out and buy everything we need at once, so we must develop a Step by Step Prepper Plan that can be used by anyone.  This requires saving and spending money.  Sure we start with the Beginners basic needs, but still spending money.

This post is a collection of Prepper Knowledge that is effectively FREE.  While there may be a few items you can purchase referenced in the article, it is primarily FREE knowledge.

The Rule of 3 (set priorities by this);
Red flag warnings its time to Bug Out

Edible Wild Plants 
Survival Fishing
3 Odd Techniques for Primitive Fishing
How to catch your own live bait

Urban Survival Plan
Prepper Training for Youths
Delivering Babies 
EDC Survival (Every Day Carry)
Sustainable Meal Planning

Group Security Drills
Home Invasion Response Plan

Vegetable Planting Dates
Vegetable Days to Harvest

Understand BEST BY Dates

Wilderness Survival TEST 
Handgun Introduction

Prepper Handbook Recommendations (low cost/must have)

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