Sunday, March 17, 2019


Modern Science has brought about significant medical advances during our life time, with many more being studied.  While our scientific knowledge is at the highest level in history, we also realize, that so is our level of ignorance. The more we learn, the more we realize how much we don't know.  For every question answered, many more are raised. 

Today, Flu Vaccines are becoming mandatory in public schools, for hospital workers and many other places.  Often however, these people still get the flu. So why is it so critical to force everyone to take the vaccine?  They are the ones who will feel bad, so it should be their decision. If the vaccine works, then they won't infect those who do get vaccinated, so what business is it of theirs.

This is usually the time people start preaching about the poor children who get the flu and suffer because of their parents choice and the CDC Estimates that somewhere between 37 to 172 children die each year from the flu.

IF mothers loose their choice on flu vaccines, should pregnant women also loose their choice on abortion

Should it be required for women seeking abortion or on welfare having children to get sterilized so it doesn't happen again?   

How far does it go?

But we haven't gotten to the worst part yet.  What happens when everyone is taking the vaccine and it gets contaminated with something bad like AIDS, intentionally or accidentally?  

Would a radical Islamic suicide bomber contaminate our vaccine intentionally? Of course they would.

What happens when the flu vaccine mutates like in the show I am Legend? where the measles virus was used to create a cure for cancer, but mutated causing deadly & highly contagious side effects.

According to the World Health Organization, AIDS is the worst Pandemic in modern history, with over 70 million deaths.  This is far less than abortion which has claimed over 1.72 Billion.  The problem with AIDS, is that the patient can be infected for 5-10 years before they even realize they have it, while infecting others.

What would the AIDS fatalities soon become if the MANDATORY flu vaccine was contaminated for 5-10 years? NOW we are getting to the bad part when Americans begin to die from AIDS at record numbers.

But the survival rate of AIDS is improving.  So instead of AIDS, suppose the Flu Vaccine is infected with something worse, that kills people after 2-3 years when everyone would have taken it.

Americans have just become extinct to save 37 to 172 children per year. Low probability, yes, but extremely high severity. 

In a country where the citizens are supposed to be free, we should educate the public as to the benefits of vaccines AND to the risk of getting and not getting the vaccineThe risk will be shocking. We must present both sides accurately and let informed people make up their own mind.

If you have been vaccinated, and it works, why should you care?

Being exposed to common illness and developing our own natural immunity will enable us to over come disease and help our species to survive.  Granted there are things like Polio and Small Pox that may require a vaccination, but these were rare exceptions that everyone was eager to get treated for.

God Bless America, land of the free, home of the brave.  Lets keep it that way.

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