Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Maps for Survival

When there is an EMP, Solar Flare, Terrorist Attack on our Power Grid, or other cause of a Power Outage, there will be NO GOOGLE MAPS and possibly NO working Electronic devices like a GPS.

These are disastrous sounding events, but it could be nothing more than being in NO Cell Signal area, or a cell tower being out when you happen to be lost.

For this reason, it is prudent to have an old fashion Road MAP &/or Road Atlas.  For under $5 you can have a Folding Map.  Why would anyone not have such a low cost item in their Bug Out Vehicle as well as in their every day car.

The PREPPER HANDBOOK RECOMMENDATION is to have a Plastic Coated Folding Road Map for your State and a Plastic Coated Folding US Road Map, in your vehicle glove compartment and also in your vehicle Bug Out Bag, and then a Road Atlas in your vehicle trunk. Remember the value of redundancy, and on low cost items like this, it is very affordable.

It is also good to have a DC to AC inverter in your vehicle to use as a 120 VAC power supply. For under $50 you can use your vehicle as a back up power supply.  An area Phone Book is also a good information source if foraging to Salvage Supplies becomes necessary.

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