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Red flag warnings its time to Bug Out

This is an excerpt from the Prepper Handbook  by JR Ray on Amazon ($4.99), and our most popular post.  You can download their free e-reader and read it on your computer, smart phone or pad.  You can also order an electronic copy of this Prepper Handbook Blog on Amazon.

Go home, Bug Out or GOOD to a safe retreat when:
Mass Migrations have historically not gone well with traffic congestion, insufficient food and resources, disease, death, looting and violence. So leaving early is important. The further away your retreat is, the more critical this becomes. On the other hand, if your retreat is half way across the country, you can’t afford a lot of false alarms. So here is a list of potential red flag warnings that it may be time to head out. You should fine tune this list to your satisfaction.
  1. Cars, Communications, Cell Phones, Radios, Computers, TV’s and other electronics don’t work. Transformers on fire!  Massive power outage. (Solar Flare, EMP or Nuke attack)
  2. You are not in a polar region of the planet and see an Aurora Borealis or norther lights special effect. (Solar Flare, Mass Coronal Ejection, EMP or Nuke attack)
  3. The National Guard is called out in your town, an adjoining town or in your state and more than 1 adjoining state.
  4. The President is assassinated.
  5. The President, declares martial law, implements curfews &/or goes into hiding.
  6. Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends quarantine (Pandemic) in any states or areas of the country.
  7. The President or media is suggesting, considering or imposing quarantine. Note:  Special quarantine procedures required when arriving at Retreat in pandemic conditions.
  8. Doctors & nurses are being reported as “flu” fatalities during an epidemic.
  9. Nurses or Police are not showing up to work for some reason
  10. Massive or unusually heavy traffic observed, or large numbers of people on foot.
  11. Looting and riots break out in more than 1 major city in your state. It may be too late in some cases when this happens. Down town areas, malls and grocery stores may be the worst areas. Some recommend staying to main roads, others say use backroads. As long as there is some civil authority in place and no quarantine, I would recommend main roads for sure during day light hours. Backroads if quarantines or curfews are in place, or main roads have very little traffic or traffic is not moving. Be careful about stopping your vehicle for any reason if civil authority is broke down. Especially not for civil authority imposters.
  12. Several Banks fail in the same week; or are being mobbed by crowds wanting their money.
  13. When is a terrorist attack (like 9/11), and especially if there are 2 or more mass killing events in your region. Stay away from places with numerous people including hospitals, schools, churches, malls, tall buildings and sporting events. Watch out for young Arab Muslim Men which are what most terrorist are. Note:  Profiling is smart and should not be politically incorrect until someone is treated disrespectfully.  Knnow what to do in an Active Shooter situation.
  14. When war is declared or started at home or abroad.
  15. Public transportation is closed down due to some crisis.
  16. Schools, businesses (your job) or government offices in your area are closed due to some crisis
  17. Stock market or banks are closed early due to financial runs or crashing for more than 2-3 days.
  18. Sudden High inflation at Gas Stations – more than $1.00/gallon increase in a day.
  19. Regional electricity &/or water is off for more than a few days.
  20. Media spinning the story to mislead the public at the government’s instruction (propaganda), down playing problems so the public doesn’t panic. When you are hearing worse than the media reports on face book, texts or from your friends or on CB or Walkie Talkie (MURS) radios or short wave radios – go home.  Note you must have your own Actionable Intelligence.
Keep your bug-out vehicle fuel tank full and have extra cans.  Be ready to leave in 15 minutes. Once the “Event” seems to be happening, get all the cash you can from the ATM and as many nonperishable goods as you safely can; but stay away from crowds, mobs and looters. Getting away quickly is a function of preparation. Have your Bug Out Bag / Bug Out Pack, trunk, trailer or vehicle all packed and ready to go. 

For some group members you may have meet up points where they gather and then proceed together. Last but not least, be packing a concealed weapon if legal.

Note that family hurricane evacuations normally took 4 hours, except for those who departed 2 hours later and the same trip took 26 hours including running out of fuel (every station was sold out) and getting 5 gallons from the Department of Transportation after sleeping on the side of the road over night... and some were not THAT lucky.

Bugging in or bugging out, either situation could end up lasting longer than expected WTSHTF so allow for extra supplies.

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