Sunday, January 25, 2015

Survival Pack

Security Patrol, Scout Team or Bug Out Packs should be a US Military 3-day Assault Pack; not a cheap foreign made knock off. Then carry or wear the following:

  1. Carry an AK 47, AR10 or AR15 Rifle with a sling & ACOG TA31 Scope (AR's).
  2. Wear a MOLLE bulletproof vest also know as an IBA (Individual Body Armor). If you cannot afford one of these, then get a MOLLE load bearing vest.
  3. Wear a MICH Helmet with a Gen 3 Night Vision mounted (if night time)
  4. Glock 22 - 40 caliber or Glock 17 - 9mm Pistol in a good weather resistant holster.
  5. 2-4 loaded magazines for the AK/AR, 1-2 for the Glock balanced on your IBA.
  6. Communications Radio with earpiece for quite operation on your IBA; extra batteries.
  7. Walker Game Ear worn to enhance and protect hearing; eye protection.
  8. Hunting or combat knife, bayonet, machete or equivalent.
  9. Compass, matches, lip balm in a MOLLE hand grenade pocket.

Then the Scout, Patrol or survival pack should contain the following:
  1. Ammo–400 AR/300 AK rounds and 50 Glock Rounds & a small cleaning kit or “snake.”
  2. Binoculars or telescope handy (variable15X+ Power).  Good to also have ammo cached around in strategic places.
  3. Security trip wires & motion detecting lights / alarms like the Home Bright Alarm
  4. Military spec US Made E-tool – critical entrenching tool for quick cover. Further, it is imperative that you know the difference between cover (stops bullets) and concealment, which hides you from sight but does NOT stop bullets.
  5. Military camo Poncho (or Ghillie suit) for concealment & shelter; Insect repellent. 550 Military Para cord. Wool blanket or poncho liner if cold weather.
  6. Stainless Steel Water bottle, filter straw and either 1 gallon of water per day (8.4 lbs each) or water treatment like chlorine dioxide tablets, or 8 drops of bleach per gallon and know where fresh water can be obtained along your route.
  7. MREs, emergency food bar or dried foods and light cook gear.
  8. Folding knife, fire starter and an axe or machete; Bic lighter & waterproof matches.
  9. Area Map (waterproof) & back up compass
  10. For an over night trip/kit, I might include a US Military 4 Piece Modular Sleep system (using the appropriate sleeping bag set for my climate) which includes the Gore Tex (water proof) camo bivy but use the Rucksack backpack instead. Otherwise, I would carry an OD Green mesh hammock (camo sprayed) if traveling light and using the Assault pack.
Carry what is really needed, not all that makes you comfortable, weight makes long walks harder, short runs much slower, and in time you focus more on your overloaded pack than what is going on around you.

Guard duty, Patrols or Sentries should have similar equipment (less the overnight gear) plus extra Ammo cached at the Observation Post. Bug Out packs might be similar but should be the full size Rucksack to carry more water, food, & ammo.

This is another excerpt from the Prepper Handbook  by JR Ray on Amazon.  You can download their free e-reader and read it on your computer, iPhone or iPad.

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