Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How Native Americans lost this country

Through out history, more advanced societies have conquered and forced others into submission.  Advances as simple as a shield, a longer spear or the bow and arrows changed the course of history.  The American Indians or Native Americans were a classic example. 

         Why did this occur?
  1. The Indians initially out numbered the invading white settlers (excessive immigration)
  2. Their bows could fire 6 arrows per minute to the pioneers 1 rifle shot per minute so at close range, their weapons were initially more effective. In time this changed as revolvers and lever action guns were invented. Couldn't the Indians have used an AR?  Who says no American needs an AR?
  3. They knew the land and how to survive.
But they failed to act until they were out numbered by the invading white immigrants.

Had the Indians banded together and slaughtered all the invaders, every time they set foot on their shores, it might have been a different story.  That is what the Spanish Conquistadors did in several cases. Granted, there were many good people who came and some kind hearted (weak?) Indians even welcomed and helped them to survive. But the point remains the same.  The Indians did nothing until it was too late.

We face a similar threat today from Gun Banners who will take away our rights and ability to protect our families and country, but I'm in no way suggesting violence.

We have a weapon now that the American Indians didn't have..... the VOTE.

We must vote the Gun Banners out of office.  The Rights, Freedom and Security for our Children depends on this.  We cannot sit home and do nothing.  We must Vote with our ballots and with our actions.  We must refuse to do business with Gun Banners.

Here is a list of Gun Banners to take such action against: ENEMIES OF A FREE STATE