Monday, August 15, 2016

Situational Awareness

Developing your ability to scope your surroundings well enough to make better decisions and adjust your posture in different settings is a life changing defense skills.  Being mindful in this way concerning different scenarios you face is a life skill that helps in more ways than personal protection.


Be Like a pro with these OODA loop skills

Watch a demonstration of situational awareness on steroids using OODA loops.  Then find out how you and your family can develop these skills to help you in self defense, as well as making better decisions in life.

Besides the benefit of getting to “stay alive” in a dangerous situation, these skills develop you into a person who can freely and deeply enjoy your surroundings and the people within because you’re not distracted by technological gizmos unless, of course, you spot danger and then your attention goes to protecting those you love.
You get to choose just how skilled you are in comprehending your surroundings.  You can develop skills that act so fast they’re literally subconscious – like the government agent in the video on page 8.  Never-the-less, any level of skill in this area of situational awareness will be an aid to you getting yourself and your family to safety if the need ever arises.
But how do you start?  What do you look for?
How do I know if I’m paying attention to the right things? Are there behaviors or warning signs of an imminent threat that I should know about?
Next, we’ll discover the 4 levels of awareness plus we’ll define the OODA loop process

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