Sunday, August 7, 2016

Guns in plain sight

Part of a good home invasion plan is having guns safely hidden at strategic locations around the home. Such weapons need to be in a safe but accessible location.

Consider this real life story:

Daniel McNamara and his wife returned to their Detroit home last month around 6 p.m. As the McNamara’s entered their home, two men approached them from behind and ordered them inside the home at gunpoint. The suspects told the McNamara’s to turn around so they wouldn’t remember their faces while they stole jewelry, cash, cell phones, and other valuables.
 The intruders ordered the couple down into the basement and repeatedly told the couple not to look at them or they would shoot them in the face. While downstairs, one of the criminals walked back toward the stairs at which point Daniel grabbed a handgun he had hidden in the basement. Daniel fired two shots hitting one of the suspects as they both fled the house to a waiting car.

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