Sunday, September 11, 2016

Intruder Detection

Intruder Detection is an important part of home security and neighborhood security.

Here are some things to have:
  1. Window, Door Alarms ($4 / $10 each)
  2. Motion detecting Security Alarms ($25 each).  These notify the intruder: "Warning, you have entered a protected area" which can be a deterrent that scares them away.
  3. Motion detecting Lights with some as low as $13 each. These let you see where motion is detected, IF you are watching.
  4. Security Cameras that e-mail you pictures if motion is detected are good unless power / communications are not working.
  5. Solar Powered lawn lights so you can see intruders.  Also good to charge batteries or light your home with.
  6. Thermal Vison ($600) or low cost Night Vision ($200) to see intruders in darkness when you are the most defenseless. 
  7. For country home security, driveway alarms are good; especially Solar Powered ones if you have a sunny area.  If not, battery powered ones like the Dakota work at long distances.  The good thing about these is they alert you silently before the intruder knows they have been detected which can be an advantage for you.  Some have a portable / pocket alarm that notifies you when an intruder is detected. 
  8. Put rocks in cans and string them up with low cost fishing string as a trip wire ($5).  I prefer Spyder Wire braided fishing string which is a little more expensive.  Other alternatives are to trip a mouse trap that sets off a percussion cap or have the string pull a loud noise maker crashing to the ground.
  9. This is one of my favorites:  A trip wire device that uses 22 cal blanks. and good trip wire/fishing string.  
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