Friday, August 7, 2020

Best Anarchy Investment: Seeds

5,000 seeds at $80 is 1.6 cents per seed.  One seed can easily generate a dollars worth of food making them your best investment.  Think about it; turn $80 into $5,000.


If you can't start a garden now, at least read and learn about gardening below and buy some seeds.

For additional information see the following links:  
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Gardening Links
Gardening 101– Soil Basics
Green House for year-round food supply
Vegetable Planting Dates
Vegetable Days to Harvest

Seeds for Survival
Preppers Garden

Prepper Livestock series
DIY Solar System

Fall Garden
Budget Garden Preparations 
Practice Garden
Best Prepper Vegetable
Growing Your Own Food From Seed

Sustainable City Survival
Step by Step Prepper Plan

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