Monday, February 24, 2020

Alone: The Beast S1 E2

Three contestants must survive with no tools; just the clothes on their backs, in a harsh environment for 30 days with one animal.  This will test their primitive skills and ability to use Stone Tools.

S1 E2

Finding a huge Musk Ox, Ben Jonas, Nate Weber & Robert Edwards must use primitive stone tools to process it.  They begin a gutless quarter, which is a great idea to save time, since they will have plenty of meat.  Three participants eating a pound of meat per meal is 3 pounds X 3 or 9 pounds per day, and 270 pounds over a 30-day period.  

Upon removing the first quarter, they put it in the lake water to preserve it.  This with extend the shelf life of their meat, but risks contaminating their water.    

Faced with a black bear stealing their meat, they throw rocks and charge him to run him off, then begin to make fire, using cordage made from spruce root which breaks too easy, so they weave cordage from the Musk Ox hair, which works.  

They build a good debris shelter against a earth berm and begin to tan the hide.  Their first attempt at building pottery exploded, but crushing some Musk Ox bone into the clay did the trick.

 Finding a nice-looking stone, they begin to sharpen it and burn a slot in a handle to make a stone Axe.

It’s obvious this newly formed team has good primitive skills, determination and a good work ethic, but the meat is tough and doesn’t have enough fat, so they make fish hooks from Musk Ox bone and fishing line from the sinew.  

This fish are not biting, but a squirrel, killed by throwing a rock, provides a welcome change in diet.  They then use some of the red squirrel meat for fishing bait, finally landing a large lake trout, probably weighing ten pounds, and containing a good amount of fat that gives them a big boost of energy. 

Ben Jonas, Nate Weber & Robert Edwards, were a skilled team, that worked together well.  They smartly processed their beast, and were able to harvest a squirrel and a 10 pound lake trout, as well as protect their food from a bear and win this competition.

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