Sunday, July 19, 2020

Free Trade

I believe in Free Trade, but also moderation in all things.  

Tariffs that protect businesses that are critical to the security of our country are essential. 

Foreign countries like China charge a 6.5% tariff, but also a 19% value add tax to sell products in their country. The US historically only charged 6.5%.  

Foreign Business compete in our country by paying a 6.5% tariff (tax), but Domestic Businesses, that create jobs for Americans, must pay far more in taxes, like:
  1. Federal & State income/profits
  2. Employee Retirement (Social Security 7.5%)
  3. Employee Workers Comp Insurance (7-25%)
  4. Unemployment Insurance
  5. Property Tax
  6. School District Tax
  7. Vehicle / Road Tax
  8. Sales Tax  
  9. & much more.
No wonder all the jobs are going over seas, and China is over taking the US as the worlds most powerful economy. 

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