Sunday, August 7, 2022

Alone Season 9 - Days Survived


Juan Pablo used a unique strategy to win this event.  He didn't boil his water, nor burn a fire in his shelter, until the very end.  He only started a fire when he needed to cook food. This saved a tremendous amount of calories gathering fire wood.  Instead he bundled up and spent a lot of time in his sleeping bag.  This might be considered a Best Practice but carried some risk by not boiling his water.  He has experience drinking suspect water however.

He was also a good shot with a bow, rarely missing small game, and only lost 2 of his 9 arrows while some others only had 4 or 5 arrows left from missing so many shots. 

He also built a pier out in the river to access deeper water, and immediately began to catch fish. When he caught a fish, he didn't stop immediately and go cook it, but rather kept fishing and caught several more while the fish were biting.  Another Best Practice.

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