Saturday, October 23, 2021

Whistle Codes

Whistles are a valuable security or emergency tool that can be kept on your key chain and used to communicate messages via Code, or call for HELP.


There are short sharp whistle codes for urgent or emergency messages and long whistles for non-urgent messages.


  1.  Danger, close, one minute away
  2.  Danger, two minutes away
  3.  Danger, three minutes away



  1.  All Clear 
  2.  O K
  3. I need HELP

Police Radio Codes

10 - X

0 Use Caution
1 You are being received poorly / Cannot copy
2 You are being received clearly / Signal is strong
3 Stop Transmitting
4 Affirmative / Understood / Message Received
5 Relay Message to:
6 Busy / Out at call
9 Repeat last message
10 Negative / Flight in progress
19 Return to Station our Location: 
20 Your location
21 Call by telephone
22 Disregard / Cancel last message
33 Emergency, All units stand by
43 Information
76 En route to location
77 Estimated time of arrival (ETA)
84 Advise ETA

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