Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Ammo Prices October 2021


Yes, we are seeing improvement in Ammo prices, but they are still high when compared to 2019, and coming down slowly. In a few cases, Academy and Bass ProShops had 50 count boxes, limit 4, available at $10/box less than on-line prices, AND without any shipping cost. My advise on this is to get out to some of the large retail stores, where they will offer you some good deals to get you in their store.

Due to tight supplies, and no ammo being available in certain categories, especially JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point), there were only a few economy brand prices to report, skewing the 2020 JHP price lower than normal when compared to the others.

If you see good 9mm 115g Brass ammo in the $0.30 - $0.38 price range, that is a pretty good deal today, but with prices coming down, I wouldn't buy any more than I'd shoot in the next two months. 

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