Sunday, May 30, 2021

Alone Show Records

These are based on my notes and are not confirmed by the History Channel.


The shortest stay, or the fastest quitter was Desmond, on Season 2, Episode 1, where he tapped out in a matter of hours, after hearing a bear.  Prior to the show he bragged to his family that if he encountered a bear, not to worry about him, but rather be worried about the bear. This would likely qualify as the most embarrassing moment.

The Survivalist that harvested the most food:  In season 6, bagging a moose gave Jordan the record, with an estimated 500 to 600lbs of meat.

The most expensive mistake:  In season 7, Kielyn has a moose walk within 20 yards, but didn't have her bow; bagging a 1,000 pound moose would likely mean winning $1,000,000, making this the most expensive mistake in the Alone Show history.  This is particularly disappointing in light of her toughness and still lasting 80 days with the best food supply, late in the game from Ice Fishing.

The Survivalist that stayed the longest:  Roland in Season 7, where he lasted 100 days to win $1,000,000 prize and he could have lasted even longer. How did he last so long?  Read our Season 7 link to find out.

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